Sun in Libra — Rising in Virgo

Person with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Virgo is very kind to the surrounding people, taking care not to reveal his uncertainty. Although their initiative is somewhat embarrassed, but cultivated courtesy allows you to overcome weak points. In life, justice must reign, and they find good arguments for those around them.

Striving in their essence for the ties, they try to connect in their behavior what should be connected. Feeling and thought counterbalance each other; While in external behavior, the mind is put on the forefront. The need for justice is great; They remember that what happens to others can happen to them themselves; They constantly care about gratitude and friendship.

Libra with an ascendant in Virgo shows themselves helpful, helps where they need help, but do not let themselves be overworked. They are generally prudent, and as far as reactions are concerned, they are constantly afraid of losing their balance. However, in general, they are very good-natured; Behind this, however, often a weak will hides.

The results of their work depend on the location of the feelings. They are labile and easily lost from surprise, especially if they are deprived of the luxury they need; For her sake they are ready to work and overcome moments of fear to hold out. With all this they are more loved than they think; They have significant attractiveness for others, including for people of their own sex.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

In astrology books you will read about your charm, sociability and amorousness, but also about your impracticality, indecisiveness and financial difficulties. Is this about you? Of course not! You know your capabilities and expect that they will be rewarded on merit. You appreciate beauty, but prefer to use it as an investment of capital, thus finding expression to the artistic side of your nature and satisfying your passion for collecting.

You tend to tie up in small things, and it can take terrifying dimensions. You are a little critical and prone to pedantry, but do not impose your demands on others. Nevertheless, you will not tolerate stupidity or carelessness. You have a cold, clear mind and a developed sense of justice. Relatives and neighbors do not like you. Your family members will not particularly sympathize with each other, many family secrets will share them. Your father marries twice, or he will have an illegal relationship on the side.

Dark Side of the Sign

You judge everyone and everything from a materialistic point of view. An unthinkable snob and an awful careerist, you throw your so-called friends just when they fail, just out of fear that their troubles may affect you as well. You easily spend money and have fun, to demonstrate your success and show that you are not worse than others. You greatly exaggerate your triumph, without being embarrassed by the fact that those who know you well also know the true state of your affairs. What you really need is a good bite and reassessment of values. Maybe then you will be better treated with your loved ones and will sleep more tightly at night.

Love and Family

Your love life can be shrouded in mystery, but you are a faithful and devoted companion of life to the person that suits you. You are sincere and disciplined, and although you dream a lot about an abstract ideal, in real life you choose a spouse that does not coincide with this ideal. Probable disappointments in love, and you can quite marry twice or have a love affair secretly from your spouse. In the marriage there will be a lot of problems, perhaps there will be some mystery related to your spouse, which can lead to a divorce. Your family will be small, but it will be difficult for you to deal with it. Children will not marry early or easily. If you are a woman, then during the first pregnancy you should carefully monitor your health. Probably, someone will hate you, and this hatred will be connected with a love story, because of what the child will suffer.

Career and Money

You love art, history, theater and literature. You are also attracted by gardening and working on the land, you can equally easily master both theoretical and practical knowledge. You can succeed in the field of art, and wealth will come to you abroad. You will make a good financier, a collector or a businessman, although there is a danger of losing money by playing on the stock exchange. You will often change the scope of activities and make many business trips. Probably, in old age you will own two houses in different places.

Health and Immunity

You are a vegetarian who is more likely to drink tomato juice with dry yeast than a glass of dry martini. You care about your health to the point where you can get a nervous breakdown by the end of your life. You are prone to colic, flatulence, dyspepsia, skin and blood diseases, a variety of allergy types, the signs of which you should know by heart.

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