Sun in Pisces — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius produces crusaders of all sorts. Emotional sensitivity and intuitive perceptions of Pisces is blended with the friendliness, originality and independence of Aquarius. People enjoy your company because you are so easygoing, charming and versatile. A cheerful outlook and the ability to make acquaintances easily usually results in the development of a large circle of friends. People interest you, and you possess what may be termed true humanitarian and philanthropic inclinations.

You can find success in business because of your ability to get along easily with people and make friends out of strangers. Despite this ease of cooperation, there is a lot of independence in your nature and you dislike the dull and the routine. At times you may experience sudden and perhaps unexplainable changes in mood or feeling. Progressive inclinations and original thought are your greatest assets. You are a dedicated person in that you must come to believe firmly in what you are doing.

Once you are completely convinced of the worth or value of a cause or of a product, your talent for persuasive speech and quiet persistence assures success. Conversely, when you are less than fully convinced of the value of a program, you are not nearly so effective. You have a very original way of thinking and acting that combines the intellectual with the emotional. A strong inner imagination blends your feelings with your intellect, keeping you from being either too coldly intellectual or too emotional.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

Your nature is sober and reserved and you cannot stand showiness. You are compulsively truthful and thorough and you value and respect loyalty and sincerity in others. There is a wisdom and deep understanding of human nature revealed in your eyes. You project your sympathy and concern for people to the entire world. The social reformer, the fervent missionary, and the revolutionary are members of this combination. Moreover, your interest in science and the mysterious urges you to press the borders of human knowledge. The result of this mixture of signs can be confusing.

In your combination the intellectual inquisitiveness, peculiarity, and social concern of Aquarius is paired with the deep kindness and compassion of Pisces. You have a bearing that suggests you are from the distant past. You have totally changeable moods. You might gaze off into space at a party, or look like you just arrived from the twilight zone. But if your musings are interrupted, you do not miss a beat. Your password is experimentation. You glide easily through a wide range of concepts and pursuits, until you find the one that suits you best.

Once you have discovered your specialty, whether in science or the occult, you fix on it with resolve and an extraordinary sense of mission. Your moods need to be gotten under control for any kind of happiness. Why anyone would desire all the attention that love involves is a mystery to you. Your mate in life is treated equally but like a friend or co-worker. It is consequently critical that your partner understand your intellectual and eccentric activities. Because you are known for your patience and ability to forgive and forget, you will be an easy person to get along with. The issue of finding the right person is very critical here.

You can be charming and funny one moment, then suddenly go totally silent the next. Maybe the most important part of your life, even though you do not acknowledge it, is people. You do not like the idea of frightening them off with your erratic and at times, illogical, behavior. You want a feeling of camaraderie with a lot people of both genders. The opposite sex is probably captivated by your otherworldly allure, innocence, and transcendental presence. People in general are more meaningful to you than are individuals, so you do not have much time for a romance with any single person.

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