Sun in Pisces — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon signs produces a personality that is deep in feelings and very complex. You are sensitive and alert to the opinions and the feelings of the world around you, and with sort of a sixth sense, you can give the public what it wants almost before it knows that it wants it. Whatever you decide to do, you go about it with the greatest seriousness and intensity. You tackle any job with vigor, discipline, and drive. Your personality is very controlled and self-assured.

The forcefulness in your nature was put there by self-discipline, as you were originally a rather shy person who had to make yourself get out into the public eye. You know how to handle people and win them over to your way of thinking because you understand them so well. You know when to concede and when to stand your ground. When your instincts don’t put you on guard, you make friends very quickly and easily because people can sense your sincerity.

Your insights to people let you relax with those you know are genuine and real. While you really have a very kindly and adaptable nature, it may not seem so because you are so emphatic and dramatic in your every gesture, motion, and word. You have an extremely high regard for your own self-worth so that nothing can ever make you loose faith in yourself. Moods play an important role in your daily affairs and you can reflect some rather broad swings. You gain much from your ability to know when to do what.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You have almost limitless potential talents. Drive is the only thing that is lacking in you. Your difficulty is not one of inner divergence, but the nonexistence of it. You are somewhat complacent. There is almost a perfect flow of the elements in your combination. The momentum to attain and to develop your abilities must be refined. If it is not, you settle for second best. The comfortable and the sure, too easily satisfy you. Your sensitivity allows you to adapt effortlessly to almost any circumstance without losing yourself in the procedure and you intuitively know what is needed and what must be done to gain security and contentment.

Your combination indicates serenity, emotional balance, and self-reliance. Many excellent artists, dancers, and musicians come from this combination because it is one of the most creative. In difficult times you may be an outstanding survivor, but you do not have the needed vitality to exploit your opportunities when your life is going well. There is great attraction to give up a hopeful career for home and family for a female Pisces-Cancer. The incentive to accomplish often fades early for the male of this combination. Maintaining a disciplined and dynamic life is the challenge for Pisces-Cancer.

Longlasting and rewarding goals should be what you attempt to attain. You can be a permanent dreamer, or attain great success. It is up to you. You should have no difficulty in your love life because you are very romantic. There is one exception though; conquering shyness. Your charisma and elegance captivate and hold members of the opposite sex, once you have gotten by this single issue. There is no need to quit no matter how tempted you may be. Involve yourself with individuals who are strongly motivated and fashion an environment that is powerful and demanding.

Through the right associations you can obtain the inner drive to completely realize your creative talents because your sensitivity makes you subject to your surroundings. Be careful you do not fall into a martyr role. Your defense mechanisms may already be in use, and you could be thinking of everything you sacrificed your talent for. Incapable of accepting the responsibility for their situation, the Pisces-Cancer can spend a lifetime in self-pity. Keep in mind, there are grand possibilities within you and the sky is the limit.

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