Sun in Pisces — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a pleasant, sweet-tempered outlook most of the time. There is a blending of emotional sensitivity and intuitive perception of Pisces, with the conservatism, deep ambition and prudence of Capricorn. The Pisces personality is naturally shy and sensitive; Capricorn is a natural introvert. Yet when combined, Capricorn tends to provide a degree of confidence, drive, and strength of purpose, without being overly materialistic and shallow. Though you have your feet planted solidly on the ground, your sensitivity and capacity for sympathy enable you to avoid materialism.

You want to get somewhere in life, but without appearing pushy or too determined. Subtlety is your style and method. Success comes from combining your inner intuitive perceptiveness with outward practicality, responsibility and integrity. You are practical, realistic, objective and persevering. Organization is specialty, perhaps even your fetish. There is a serious note in your nature making you keenly aware of duties and responsibilities. Financial affairs may play an important role in your life and progress can depend on sound handling of financial affairs and avoiding the insecurities of indebtedness.

The personal qualities of prudence and caution increase self-restraint and encourage control of the restless and emotional tendencies of your nature. Your desires for prominence, social and business distinction proves a powerful incentive in your field of activity. You can achieve these goals after you have clearly visualized what you desire to achieve, as your success depends on concentrated effort. A good manager, you can easily see the big picture and prefer dealing with the whole rather the detail of the parts. You have a tendency to underrate yourself and worry much too much.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You are very conscious of your limitations like all Moon in Capricorn natives, but perhaps too much so. You brood instead of valuing your abilities, and think about your imperfections, even if they are imaginary; and they frequently are. You think of things you are unable to do rather than envisioning the wonderful things you can succeed at. Pisces-Capricorn has a fixed pessimism and cynicism, which is their curse. You have the very sophisticated depth to be successful in highly creative ventures, but your gloomy approach to life might restrain you.

While you are a very sensitive person, you are more tuned into the depressing and miserable parts of life. The result is a melancholy and negative philosophy of life. Your unlimited Piscean imagination is imprisoned by a Capricorn inner nature that is careful and old-fashioned. While you show an image that is worldly and self-confident, you are actually not as confident as you appear. Beginning in your youth, you probably had to deal with a lot of fear and uncertainty. As you grew older, in order to balance your insecurity, you devoted much of your energy to your career.

You will eventually become your own boss, or at the least go very far, through your resolve and determination. You will never be the dictator type regardless of how far your drives take you. In fact, kindness and sympathy are traits that Pisces-Capricorns are well known for. Your approach to love is unconventional. Capricorn coolness stops you from giving everything in a relationship, but you also want to be romantic and have that far-away look. Until you have found a person who makes you feel secure, it will be hard to have true intimacy. Your unusual situation will continue until that happens.

You have to first understand how to love and appreciate yourself, of course, before true love is possible. In the end, it will happen for you and perhaps that hidden romantic can surface. An organized, conventional framework is where you work best. You still need to have structure in your life and work in spite of your independence and self-sufficiency. Especially in business matters you have an excellent intuitive awareness of people that is a big advantage. Being freer about your feelings is one thing you should learn. It is ok to open up and share them once in a while. When you keep in your resentments, frustrations, or tensions, depression often enters the picture.

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