Sun in Pisces — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Pisces Sun and Gemini Moon signs produces a personality with a gift for duality. The Pisces symbol features the fish swimming in opposite directions, while the twins of Gemini are looking in two different directions. Both symbolize the variable nature of this pairing, the tendency to go off in different directions, or face real mental binds and problems. You may feel one way, while logic tells you to go another way. Unfortunately, you don’t really possess the sort of logic that is normally associated with Gemini; the Pisces side of your nature will see to that.

Variable, adaptable, changeable, and always a bit indecisive, you have the ability to play the chameleon. Strangely, this personality can alternate between the expression of flexibility and stubbornness, both badly timed. You will yield when you should be firm and hold your ground when discretion would be wiser than valor. One moment you will be sure that you want to follow a certain course of action; the next moment you’ll change your mind even though you may have already committed yourself to the first plan. What must be learned is that you should not talk until your mind is made up. You truly hate to hurt people and you will do everything you can to avoid doing this.

For all of this, you invariable do end up disappointing some. You are loved and respected as a leader by those that work for you; but you are not nearly so likely to be appreciated and respected by your superiors because you are changeable and you’re stubborn when opposed. It is a good thing that you adapt very quickly to changing circumstances, for you seem to be the type of individual that is constantly facing difficult situations with which you must deal. The strength of this combination is the blend of emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding (Pisces), and flexibility and intellectuality (Gemini). Keen mental powers and alert senses stimulate urges to always continue the process of learning.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You are very charming in your sly manner, and a great comedian. You acquire friends very easily and need them because, after all, you may need help getting out of the problems you are always having. Another thing you need is your intuition, which also helps you get by. The fact is that although you are clever, you just lack common sense. Scheming is one of your avocations. You change yourself so often that it is hard for people to know the real you because you are more like three or four people than one. A good intelligence, astonishing intuition, and cleverness come from your combination.

You are a great character-player, award winning actor and con artist above all else. Your wits will take you far in life. You know just what people want and you are bright and very flexible. You will play any role just to give others what they want. You never stop moving and your Gemini Moon provides that restless and feisty nature. On average you might have a dozen ideas, inventions, or ostentatious projects in the works, but you are so flighty that it is unusual for one of them to be completed. Indecisiveness and indecision curse the Pisces-Gemini.

Setting an objective, or expressing your convictions is hard for you. You are never certain if your latest idea is yours, or if you have unintentionally gotten it from someone else. This is because you are so impressionable. The question you often ask yourself is where are you going. You need to establish your own identity. Deep introspection is great, but the key is to be more disciplined. Cultivate a little patience and control your edgy spirit. Clarify your objectives and stick to them. You are inconsistent in romance, as in all things, and generally have several affairs in progress at once. You truly fall for whoever is nearest.

Your actions can at times be very cold and heartless even though you have a bighearted nature. The path is clear to a successful love relationship after you have become more contented with your own individuality. You need to be in an ordered working and living atmosphere. Most importantly, be sure that those around you are positive for you since you soak up the texture and mood of your environment. Do not get near con artists or unpredictable people. You are a conceptual individual, and your solution to a problem is frequently the most innovative. A lot of your tactics and thoughts are in fact quite resourceful. You must work with a person who has the levelheadedness to bring some of them to completion. There is no telling what you may achieve together in the event you connect with such an associate.

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