Sun in Pisces — Moon in Leo

The combination of Pisces Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a personality that seems to be on a perpetual see-saw. You go up when you would prefer to go down and vise versa. You’ll give in to the wishes of others, without really knowing why. It’s difficult to predict how you will react to anything, because you always seem to be asking yourself if you should do what you want or what everyone else wants you to do. Most of the time you do what others want you to do, whether or not you are in agreement. Your personality blends the emotional sensitivity and feelings of Pisces with the warmth and aggressiveness of Leo.

Your personality blends the emotional sensitivity and feelings of Pisces with the warmth and assertiveness of Leo. You’re likely to be more positive and forceful than people perceive you, making you seem somewhat variable or contradictory. On the surface you may seem to be a pillar of strength, but you are easily swayed. Personal relationships are extremely important to you. You are not necessarily a clinger, but you do depend on others for your happiness and good spirits. Depression comes easily to you. You can be happy one moment, and the next you can be tired, sad, and blue.

You respond best to people when you are confident of your status, and you have a hard time maintaining your spirit when you are surrounded with people that you consider your superiors. The moment you are bested is the moment you turn sour; pressure, tension and competition are hard for you to handle. For this reason, you are best when you choose a position providing some authority wherein you can present your positive and aggressive personality more or less freely, gaining from your talent of being popular and well liked. Your strong point is your amiable and lovable personality. You’re not really a competitor, but no one can challenge you in the field of being likable.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You have powerful creative and leadership abilities, as do all natives of Moon in Leo. You cast an image that is trustworthy and self-assured and occasionally bullying. People sense that you are capable of great things if you are just given the opportunity. Actually you do have the strength, charisma, and imagination to make a success, but several issues stand in your way. For starters, your basic Piscean doubt and reserve often stop you from rising to a position of power or influence. You want your dress, mannerisms, and modus vivendi to reflect your unique, imaginative personality, so at a party, you are typically the most colorful and the most flamboyant person.

You are not, however, ostentatious or arrogant. You just have quite a personality. You are different and irreverent, and known for your frankness, warmth, and fantastic sense of humor. The Leo Moon provides the usually introverted and timid Pisces a very strong sense of independence and purpose. A dramatic and unusual person is also the result. You back off when the opportunity comes to use an advantage or grasp a prospect. Most of that audacity and clout is just a show, no matter how confident and self-assured you may appear. You are a great performer.

You may experience nervousness and dissatisfaction with yourself when you discover that you cannot follow up on some of those high-flying plans of yours. Be careful not to develop an attitude of acquiescence. Most of your fearfulness is in your mind and you just have to learn to get rid of those deep-seated insecurities. While others are teaching you, discovering yourself can happen. Be careful about systematizing and categorizing your thinking because you can be very inflexible at times and even fanatical. You tend to adhere obstinately to your opinions.

You must struggle to keep your mind open. Sadly, Pisces-Leo is a very stubborn individual. The challenge for the Pisces-Leo is to dare and to take chances. Do not evade responsibility and challenges that might give you the status and achievement you want. Instead meet them face-to-face. You are essentially egocentric but you appear demonstrative and friendly. Some Pisces-Leos reside in their own world and view things through rose-colored glasses. This propensity handicaps your capability to learn and at times colors your judgment. Do not shut yourself down.

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