Sun in Pisces — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs produces a personality that is never content with earthy, materialistic, or mundane goals. Your stride is long, smoothly sweeping, and unwilling to settle for less than the best. You are willing to try anything possible to achieve your goals. The influence of these signs is most idealistic and high-minded. Your vision of acceptable is to most, the impossible dream. A certain spiritual quality attaches to everything you do.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to live comfortably on such a high plane of existence. The "sage" aspect of Sagittarius combines effectively with the Pisces fluid expression of mind, spirit and emotions producing wisdom that is freely expressed with great feeling. This is not to say that you are always practical and constructive. Too much of the time your ideas are vague, hypothetical, and intangible. In many ways you are the impractical visionary, thinking in broad, general terms rather than dealing with specifics and details.

You are a highly expansive person and may try to spread your energies far too thin. Definitely, you are not a materialist, perfectly satisfied so long as the world gives you a living to go on with your important work. You are an idealist through and through and have some of the naivete that attaches to idealism, in spite of your intuitive wisdom.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

You will probably travel the world because of your craving for adventure and novelty. You are under the power of your luck because you are a bit fearless. You believe completely in your good fortune and rightfully so, because it always comes through for you. Your greatest resource is faith. The farsighted Sagittarian Moon enhances the inspired intuitive and poetic imagination of Pisces. You are always fresh and appealing and your optimism and enthusiasm are boundless. Extremely bright, your mind likes the theoretical, the spiritual, and the philosophical. You set high goals for yourself and you have versatile, creative and artistic talents.

Both in spirit and in thought, liberty is the thing you crave most, and this makes you a very inventive and tolerant individual. Victor Hugo, Albert Einstein, and Maxim Gorky are some outstanding natives of your combination. Your charm is very innocent and brings out the protective feelings of others. You are an idealist and lover of life like most Pisces-Sagittarian. You think this is the best of all possible worlds, even if others do not agree. You are, for some reason, in a constant state of confusion. Kierkegaard or Nietzsche are not a problem for you, but your checkbook is because you cannot balance it.

There is not a pragmatic bone in your body and you reside in a world of ideas and impressions, and the ordinary details of life just annoy you. However you do have a keen intuition that manages to move you away from dangers. You have a huge faculty for happiness and are always an optimist. You see nothing but a sunny future for yourself. However, it is possible for you can fool yourself into thinking that things are better than they really are. Rather than handle them head on, Pisces-Sagittarians often tune out issues and difficulties and certainly this can cause more problems.

You are not the business type as might be expected. Organization and structure are critical for your work and home life because you have a tendency to drift about. If you hope to apply yourself your intellectual talent and imagination need a foundation and structure. Without his, your dreams could remain only dreams. Associate with individuals who are strong willed and have a positive effect on you because you are very suggestible and gullible. There is little you are unable to achieve after you have gotten the proper training and focus. There is nothing traditional about you and thus everything you do is, in a sense, original and aimed at change.

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