Sun in Pisces — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon signs produces a very emotional and sensitive personality. Will power and the intensity of intuitive perceptions are the key feature of your nature. You possess a strong, fixed and determined personality, though inwardly you are less firm and decisive. Keen senses and acute powers of observation favor success in along investigative and research lines. Personal qualities of persistence, determination and courage add stability to your nature.

Emotional expression is strong and dramatic, and you are not afraid to display your feelings in a public manner at times. You demand a lot of life and get it, so long as you don’t let temperament get the best of you. Once you set your mind to something, you possess the energy and will to reach your objective. Your possibilities are enhanced by deep intuitive perceptions, hunches, feelings or impressions about things and situations.

You keep your ideas and plan secret and in this sense you are very reserved. In relationships, you are too intense, often to possessive, and too prone to extremes in moods and feelings. Emotions can create major problems in your life or prove to the main spring of your vitality and strength in obtaining your objectives.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

You enjoy deep exploration into whatever you find. Even the most ordinary matter can take on cosmic and meaningful implications for some Pisces-Scorpios. You have a far-reaching and powerful imagination. Your mind is always active, taking things in and forming impressions of everything no matter how still or modest you may seem. You have to deal with many difficulties like all serious, emotional people. Pisces can be lifted up and given focus by the emotional strength, passion, and regenerating qualities of a Scorpio Moon. You are high powered, sober, and introspective.

You are a very philosophical individual who is never content with external impressions. The dazzling heights of consciousness you reach based on that same emotional power can also pull you to the depths of misery and regret. This combination can create very neurotic, criminally inclined individuals or it can result in spiritual and creative individuals. Charismatic, strong-minded, and apparently your own boss, you are, however, heavily influenced by your environment. You cling stubbornly to old ways of behaving, and your initial responses are too frequently just your only ones.

This combination has vast possibilities, however if you do not utilize your creative possibilities constructively, you might turn all that fervor and energy in on yourself. Unleashing it on others is possible and this can open the way to cruel or malicious behavior. Be careful of excesses of any sort, especially in romance, as in all things, because there is also the hidden possibility of addiction in your combination. The character of the Pisces-Scorpio is often prejudice and stubbornness. Furthermore you have an extremely sensual, indulgent nature, and enjoyment seeking can effortlessly become the opponent of the Pisces-Scorpio.

To help you direct some of your abilities and to keep your emotions within bounds you need lots of organization, discipline, and educational training. There is no end to what you can do if your powerful sensual drives can be channeled into creative or spiritual pursuits. Direction is the key here. You take the slightest criticism as an affront. You are very touchy. Try to be a little less single-minded and become more tolerant. Do not focus so much on yourself, but turn your energies outward. It is not unusual to find yourself by losing yourself first.

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