Sun in Pisces — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Pisces Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a personality that is highly sociable, and one that clearly possesses a good bit of social tact. You’re a sensitive person, but you likewise have an acute sense of the other person’s feelings and sensitivities, and you therefore are a very agreeable person that avoids hurting anyone - that is until you’re opposed - and then you can get very stubborn. In other words, you are easy to get along with; you don’t impose on people, but you definitely won’t allow yourself to be imposed on either.

You feel that debts have to be kept even, and even in a social sense, you don’t like to feel that you owe anyone. This may be because you are a little bit unsure of yourself, and want to make sure you say and do the right thing. This combination blends the Pisces understanding, sensitivity, and a sense of adaptability, with the practicality and determination of Taurus. The two signs blend well, and are mutually strengthening to one another. This pairing allows coexistence of an easy-going nature, yet one possessing a stability and tenacity of will not often found in the Pisces native.

You have a staying power and a control over impulsiveness that allows you to take things in stride, and you seem to have a simple and efficient way of getting things done. Nonetheless, there is apt to be considerable sensitivity in your nature, and surely a great deal of feeling for things and people. This is a combination that very often produces talent in an artistic or musical sense. Both signs are creatively imaginative and suited for a career in the arts. The social attitude of this pairing provides a deep consideration of others that is very beneficial to success in a wide range of endeavors, business and professional.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You will not be used by others. Hopefully your sensible Taurus Moon will help your Piscean dreams and lyrical visions. You have a vibrant, visual resourcefulness, which can be put to use in very creative ways, and your combination has seen a lot of writers, artists, and musicians. But you may also keep your banal aspect because of the same Taurus Moon, which gives you such an experienced perspective. You have an inner tranquility and peace of mind that people find convincing and compelling. While you seem to be the typical Pisces who is responsive, thoughtful and otherworldly, beneath that humble exterior is the firmness, willpower, and common sense of Taurus.

You are understanding and conscientious, always willing to lend a helping hand like other Pisces, but you also value yourself, and consequently you know when to say no. You are very determined, and whatever you start to do in life is gone about with total devotion and promise. The true abilities of a Pisces-Taurus are often not used in the career choice they make. They need something challenging. An easy life attracts you because you are leisure-oriented. You will have good health and stability. Consequently, regardless of how far your imagination takes you, you manage to get back unharmed every time.

Others sense your wisdom and frequently turn to you for advice, In addition you have a magnificent inner confidence, but, like all natives of Moon in Taurus, you have a propensity to hold on stubbornly to viewpoints and first impressions. You may seem to be very far out, or actually be far out, but you are essentially a conservative. You must attempt to curb some of your prejudices and dug in attitudes. Lighten up on some of those emotional beliefs and be more tolerant. And while you are at it, do not forget to express some real feelings.

What is needed is a more relaxed and open approach to your life. Your emotions can get out of control at times because you are very sentimental. This can cause you to lose your vision and your usually good judgment. A lot of Pisces-Taurians are so sentimental that they live in the past. There is a big attraction to relax, and enjoy the memory of a job well done after you feel that you have done something well. While it is OK to be proud of past achievements, you must also learn to live more in the present.

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