Sun in Pisces — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon signs produces a personality blending emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding with the Virgo traits of discrimination, intellectuality and practicability. You are at your best in mental analysis, constructive criticism and common sense decisions. Your discriminating mind tends to exert a stabilizing influence on emotional sensitivity. There is a working together of the intuitive and practical. You can make your intuitions, feelings and impressions about things useful in practical affairs. You have a deep sense of the truth and an ability to face facts.

This is a combination that depends heavily on discrimination and analytical insights into affairs; you are naturally versatile, flexible and highly adaptable, but you have the innate ability to keep your mind on whatever you are doing. While you may have serious intent and considerable ambition, you don’t seem to take yourself too seriously. You do best in professions that don’t demand much in the way of exercising authority. Efficiency and precision are the keynotes of your nature and of your mind.

You have little difficulty guiding your activity to avoid mistakes and unnecessary errors. Particular and somewhat fastidious, you show good taste in dress as well as in your choice of words. Happiness depends on maintaining balance between the emotional and mental sides of your nature, avoiding the tendency to alternate between sympathy and coolness of response. You do good things quietly and with little fuss, stressing conscientiousness and a subdued conviction. You live sanely and calmly, achieving success through the exercise of intelligence.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

Early in life, you were most likely somewhat self-conscious and inhibited. As you grew older, you slowly gained more confidence. Your Virgo Moon provided you with an astute, sensible, and careful viewpoint. All working to your advantage in life are intelligence, practicality, and almost psychic intuition. In some way, you know with certainty who is trustworthy and who to avoid completely. You have a deep sense of accountability and a strong work ethic because as a child you in all probability shouldered more than your portion of obligations. You are a bit too painstaking for your own good.

You have an inner core of flexibility and determination which enables you to handle adversity in life with calm forbearance and are much more self-directed and tough than your fellow Pisceans. By nature you are very shy and reserved. For the devoted and moral Pisces-Virgo guilt is often the curse. Your conscience is huge, and you believe that any misconduct, real or unreal, must be dealt with. You have an innate sense of justice. A little too easily you also tend to take on the burdens of those closest to you. Your ethics are commendable, but taken to an extreme they can bring on neurosis and asceticism. Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of others.

You find comfort and satisfaction in your work as with all Moons in Virgo natives. Stress and anxiety often plague the Pisces-Virgo. Because you are so sensitive, you too easily soak up the tensions and bad feelings of the people near you, especially those in your work situation. It is critical that you get plenty of relaxation because of your low tolerance for stress. Time away for meditation and introspection is a wise move. Your desire to help people can be applied creatively in a lot of fields and you have strong humanitarian instincts. Doctors, clergy, and public servants are common in your combination.

You generally know which romantic partner is best for you because of your good intuition. You are always devoted and genuine, and your sense of duty is part of a need to feel desired. You work should not be everything. You are at risk of becoming a workaholic because you are industrious by nature. Outside interests and activities need to be developed. You are enormously hard on yourself. You fall into depression when you discover that you cannot hold up the perfectionist standards you set for yourself.

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