Sun in Pisces — Rising in Aquarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Pisces and the ascendant in Aquarius is the surrounding one that is almost always internally excited. They like and attracts interest, they have considerable ability to foresee. They are deeper and wider than the average, before they were suspected of witchcraft; They really have a tendency to supernatural.

Pisces with an ascendant in Aquarius are often telepathically gifted, or they can remember something from a past life. They want to take their dreams for a presentiment of the future. If they paint their dreams, then a very modern painting is obtained. Their soul and perceptions react instantly. Many are afraid of them, because they can start to tell something about the past person at a glance in their eyes — it’s frightening.

Others are magically attracted, they want to listen to other worlds. The spiritual here is the fertile field, the treasury of experience. The instinct is very good and, along with intuition, amazes striking statements constantly keeping the true core. The one that does not possess this gift, or did not develop it (maybe because of the insufficient level), they fatally indulge in life’s pleasures.

They can completely lose themselves and see their goal only in living at their own discretion and desire. If they can spend one hour a day enjoying their vermouth, the rest of them do not care. The only other thing is to laugh, because they do not know anything about the happiness of complete debauchery; They are arrogant in their wretchedness.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You are a very caring and deeply emotional person, but also surprisingly mercantile, which does not correspond to the impression you make on others. You seem unorganized and completely divorced from the worldly worries, but this is a false impression. You are inquisitive, very collected and know your own worth. On a professional level, you expect that your talents and merits will be appreciated.

Nevertheless, this does not stop you from worrying about other people and offering your help whenever you think it is necessary. You make a wonderful friend. Although you are pretty quick-tempered, but are quick-witted, not pampered and usually friendly and kind. You will is unbending, and it’s hard for you to get your opinion changed. You are a cheerful, cheerful and extremely sociable person.

A person born under this combination of signs usually has several brothers or sisters, but the relationship between them is rather strained. Your father may have something to do with farming, speculative deals or breeding cattle. Probably, you somehow distanced yourself from it. It is possible that he will go abroad.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have a wonderful charm behind which a rather slippery type hides. You are basically busy enlarging your bank account and are not too picky about the means to achieve this goal. This can lead you to misfortune, although you are hardly aware of this because you have rather vague ideas about what is right and what is not. This behavior can eventually bring you to the prison. The relatives are very worried about you. They are usually busy trying to either keep you on the path of virtue or squeeze out of you even a little money for the most essential things. But you prefer to save money even if there is almost no food in the house. Revaluation of values may be overdue.

Love and Family

You think that the spirit of comradeship, communication and mutual understanding should be at the heart of marriage. But you are secretly convinced that your precious freedom is too high a price to be sacrificed. But in the end, you still decide to part with it, although it will happen later than most people. If you bind yourself in marriage, your attachment to your spouse is constant, and you will keep passionate love for him until old age. Your spouse will probably be a man of artistic stock and from a good family. Your marriage will be long and very happy. Children will be few, probably the birth of twins. Some problems will be associated with the children. The firstborn can be a painful child, who will need special care and attention. You will travel a lot for family business.

Career and Money

Although art can attract you, you can also find a good source of income in any of the professions related to money, such as banking, finance, insurance, securities transactions, etc. You are an avid collector with a trained eye, both That you may be attracted to the collection of books or antiques. You may be interested in research activities, secret methods of experimental sciences, work in military or state structures or investigation of crimes. All that you achieve in life will be the result of your talents, although achieving financial success will be accompanied by great difficulties and it will never be sustainable. Whichever career you choose, you will have to travel a lot.

Health and Immunity

Long-term stress will affect your health in the most unfavorable way. The disease sneaks up on you unnoticed when you least expect it. You may have problems with blood circulation, eczema, muscle spasms, stomach diseases, and neuralgia. But, fortunately, your body responds very quickly to the beneficial effects of sun rays and sports, so try to make it so that walking and charging become a habit.

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