Sun in Pisces — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Aries shows himself to the world quite different from what he is inside. The deception is almost complete: they appear to be strong and fiery, while in them everything is vague and ready to yield and sacrifice oneself. They often give the impression of arrogance, but it’s just a mask. They are striving for another, they want a community. Sometimes they are attached to a sect.

But they do not have the strength to yield externally. They are overwhelmed with desire, they own the thirst for tenderness, which they receive, if not from people, then from pets, or realized in acts of charity. They mostly overestimate their capabilities, first of all — their strengths, so they cause an expectation that they can not satisfy, it torments them.

Pisces with an ascendant in Aries are always strained, rushing from one extreme to the other; They look at the beginning, then at the end, it is difficult to live in the present. They turn to memories, old photographs, letters, or indulge in any stupefying. The world is perceived as hostile, but alas, it avenges itself — and then they are defeated, the forces expire. If they manage to overcome this attack, they find the strength to create something.

They often burn on fire, which they themselves kindle. They think that their dedication must find recognition. They are struggling to cope with life, but they indicate links that are very strong. Their essence is more worthy of love than their external behavior.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

It seems that you are much more quick-tempered, determined, ambitious and assertive person than ordinary Pisces. Nevertheless, your sunny sign promotes the manifestation in you of such a property as secrecy. So although you are able to succeed, it is unlikely that your activities will be held in public.

You have a shyness that does not allow you to have fun when too much attention is riveted on you. But this does not apply to your personal life, where you revel in the light of the ramp and are rarely completely satisfied with the love you receive from your loved ones. But you still remember that in love you need not only to receive, but also to give, so you are able to show great love and care.

It is very difficult for you to restrain yourself when you are nervous, and although you change your opinions quite often, you adhere to them firmly during the period when they dominate your mind. Disordered feelings lead to emotional explosions, which, however, soon pass completely without a trace.

Probably, you are the only child in the family. In his turbulent youth, you experienced great problems associated with your parents. You could leave the house and stay without money. Relatives do not favor you, and family ties are somewhat strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

In you there is nothing especially terrible for others, since you are doing harm to yourself mostly. You can be likened to a young puppy who jumps carelessly and plays around with others, not thinking about the need to behave more modestly. With your defenselessness, you incur a lot of troubles with this behavior, but still continue to behave in the same spirit and again get into trouble. If you are offended in life too often, over time, you master the ability to hide your feelings and find oblivion in wine or drugs. You do not seem to be able to understand that all you need is to be a little more restrained, at least until you make sure that you’re tender heart will not be broken. But you are completely at the mercy of your emotions, and if you have the intellect, you usually ignore it.

Love and Family

You have an irresistible craving for love. Certain secrets and problems must inevitably exist in your life, as a result of the fact that you give too little love, but too many people. You need much more risk and excitement than in the wife, although sometimes you combine both. You are prone to early love and, possibly, get married under the influence of a rush, then regretting your recklessness. Probably, you will receive considerable material benefit from marriage. In itself, this combination of signs does not promise a lot of children to the person, maybe there will not be any, so you should discuss this matter with your future spouse. Frequent travel will bring complications. You can be quite sure that this side of life can be anything but simple.

Career and Money

You have plenty to choose from, and you could work behind the scenes in such areas as scientific research, mineralogy, poetry or ballet. You are a pioneer, and you may be attracted by intellectual activity, civil or military service. Whichever way in life you choose, with your assertiveness and enthusiasm, you will everywhere achieve fame and travel a lot. You are also attracted to such fields of activity as jurisprudence, exploration and mining. Although you will undoubtedly succeed, but you can just as easily lose everything that you have achieved, so that when making a career, you must be convinced that every step you take is thought out and calculated.

Health and Immunity

Impulsive and impatient, you more like to run than walk. This leads to exposure to injuries, especially the hands, eyes and feet. Other possible problems are colic, inflammatory diseases of the internal organs and migraine. The cause of the latter may be an allergy, and you will act wisely, if you establish its source.

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