Sun in Pisces — Rising in Cancer

The character of a person with the Sun in Pisces and the ascendant in Cancer is full of dreams and fantasies. They amaze with the variations that they present. They turn their house into a magical castle, their clothes are individual and distinctive, and attractive. They love art, they love jewelry. They fascinate, almost witchcraft — both women and men.

Pisces with an ascendant in Cancer want to embody their fantasies, and this encourages them to work every day. If in the engine room there is a bouquet of flowers over which colleagues laugh and tear off their flowers, the next morning they bring a new one! This makes them so attractive and worthy of love, and the display of love for them protects them from falling into the unknown, what they are inclined to.

They are divers, plunging into the depths of the seas as deep as possible to find new colors there. These are people who are able to spend a vacation without sleep, because they do not want to miss either sunrises or sunsets, and the best of them will be filmed. They fervently relate to friends, admixing to friendship a lot of imagination and cordiality, manifested in small original gifts.

They need friends, in response; In solitude they are quickly lost. They need help, they help. They are selfish, afraid to stay alone, but this is selfishness, which does not take as much as it gives. They sometimes seem like angels, not being so.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

The person born under this combination of signs is distinguished by impressionability, romanticism and sensitivity. You are also incredibly restless, your moods and opinions incessantly fluctuate, like waves in the ocean. It is not surprising that you will spend a lot of time abroad, maybe on business-related matters, or you will emigrate, or marry a foreigner. You are constantly on the move and always strive to learn something new. Moreover, once you have studied an object, knowledge will remain in your head forever, because you have an extremely tenacious memory.

You have a really brilliant memory, and at times you can indulge in sentimental memories. The hesitancy inherent in Pisces is peculiar to you, but to a very small extent. You will fight over resolving any problem for weeks, but once you have found its solution, you hold on to it tenaciously and seldom change your mind. Your life will be full of change, and you will achieve a certain fame or power. In addition, you are pretty quick-tempered and can be tough. You become friends with another family, perhaps through marriage or simply on the basis of friendship. Up to thirty-five years your situation in life will be quite unstable, but later stability will come.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are hypersensitive and rush from one extreme to the other. You use any excuse to start wringing your hands, making hysterics and throwing wild accusations, because you prefer to live at high emotional intensity. This can be dangerous, because when you scream and cry not because of what, you tend to resort to artificial stimulants, such as drugs. In love, you can not be exacting, and no amount of attention that you are given can be sufficient for you. You tend to use your lovers, gutting out of them everything they can do, and then ruthlessly throwing out of their lives. You are sensitive enough, but rather in relation to your feelings, than to the feelings of others. Hopefully, one day you will meet someone who will be right for you and who will treat you just as you treat others, then you will understand what it is.

Love and Family

When your emotional life gets hit, you go into hibernation, become slowed down and inconsistent. Your most cherished desire is to have a partner with whom you can maintain the closest, most trusting relationship. You need to feel safe, and this forces you to commit yourself. When you are alone, you feel unhappy, knowing that your life is incomplete. Regardless of how many times you have been hurt and disappointed, you need for love constantly forces you to enter into new relationships. But happiness again may turn out to be ghostly. Children will cause problems in life, although the elder will achieve great success in medicine, chemistry or military affairs. Later, your children will be the best support for you. Perhaps you will create a second family after the divorce.

Career and Money

You could become a good teacher, traveler, artist or philosopher. You will enjoy working with animals. You are very good at processing old material and presenting it as new. Possessing a remarkable ability to negotiate, you could succeed in the field of any social movement. You are attracted by the opportunity to achieve wealth and position. You will experience difficulties with money, your problems will also be related to relatives, speculation, children and your love life. Despite the loss, in middle age you will start to thrive and, finally, will achieve success.

Health and Immunity

You are very fond of eating, and the more caloric and exotic your food, the better. You absolutely do not care about your poor stomach, and the more you restrict yourself, the healthier you will be. You may be troubled by breast ailments, perhaps because of hypothermia, and in old age you are exposed to sciatica and rheumatism. There is also the possibility of injuries due to falls and during travel. You can live to a very old age, but whether it will work depends on whether you can cope with your appetite.

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