Sun in Pisces — Rising in Gemini

A person with the Sun in Pisces and an ascendant in Gemini hides an inner uncertainty behind the sensational rhetoric. Inspiration is well-developed, so that they manage to create vivid, memorable expressions, they have a literary gift.

Everything they have is somewhat romanticized, including their own lives. Their instinct is appealing. They feel good with friends who do not adhere to petty-bourgeois prejudices, they willingly dissolve. In the profession they are zealous; Although sometimes they all go well, but when things are put in order, they do not feel better.

Pisces with an ascendant in Gemini do not stint on selfless gestures and feelings, as well as on things, so that they often lose and hope for a miracle. And because they believe in him, a miracle sometimes happens! They know how to understand others, and this makes it easier for them to communicate with others, although they depend on the mood and do not know how to restrain themselves. They can be involved in sects, go out into the streets preaching, expecting ridicule.

They pretend to be representatives of the saint, believing that in the end they will themselves become saints. Being enthusiastic, they produce a convincing impression and create their own authority, slightly flavored with a smile. But soft mockery is not terrible for them, it only promotes the spread of their ideas.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

You are original, charming and literally emit energy. Few can resist your eloquence, and you usually manage to easily circle everyone around your finger. But you are too decent to take advantage of this, at least for yourself. In your profession, you can quickly take advantage of the opportunities presented, although a sense of justice forces you to lead an honest game. In addition, you are tireless and very quickly, like a chameleon, adapt to the environment.

Nobody can surpass you in intellectual discussions, since you are very smart and do not get behind the word in your pocket. Most of your problems are caused by indecisiveness, too much focus on one subject or the inclination to work too much. You do not realize that you have enough energy to sacrifice some of it for entertainment. Make sure that you keep a balance between your life priorities.

In your family there are some secrets and problems, although relatives usually occupy a high position in society and are well-off. If you have a brother, he will succeed in life. There are many reasons for family quarrels, and you can not always reach full agreement with your father. Nevertheless, it is you who are the cause of your failures.

Dark Side of the Sign

It is difficult for you to distinguish between reality and imagination, but you are not trying to do this. You are proud of your talent clearly articulate thoughts and do not hesitate to use it to achieve your goals. The only thing that saves you and what you do not know at all is that your motives always lie on the surface and you can only deceive someone who wants to succumb to your tricks. You use your attractiveness to satisfy your ambitions. You do not bat an eyelash with the boss’s spouse. You are not completely immoral, but an immoral adventurer. You, probably, will be shocked if someone accuses you of ruthlessness, since you do not consider yourself to be so. But if you can deceive someone, then only yourself.

Love and Family

You do not fall in love easily, and you need a situation in which you might feel free enough. Although you do not prefer any particular type of character, you need someone you could respect. In fact, you are looking for a person who excels you intellectually, since you are always ready to learn new things to expand your horizons. Your luck in life depends on the representatives of the opposite sex. With your love hobbies are associated many secrets and intrigues, as a result of which the child can suffer. A person born under this combination of signs is inclined to marry more than once, and you can have two novels at the same time. One link will be abroad or with a foreigner. You will not have many children, they will be happy in life and will succeed in the field of fine arts. As for this side of life, you will not be bored here.

Career and Money

You could succeed in trade, as an official or as a writer. You have broad interests, so that any career is possible. You are inventive and lucky, love literature, science and art. You understand legal issues and trade, you know how to negotiate. From a financial point of view, your life is full of bright ups and deep falls. You will probably achieve a good life and will have two professions at the same time. Try to concentrate your energy, because you tend to be too scattered.

Health and Immunity

Monotony can literally dissipate your energy, and you need constant stimulation. You desperately need changes, and you achieve them in any way, even if it means just changing your usual route, by which you bypass shops. Vulnerable areas that require attention are gallbladder disease, nerve problems and lung diseases, especially if you have dark hair. Try not to get cold in travel.

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