Sun in Pisces — Rising in Leo

The character of the person with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Leo can cover up the internal weakness with a good external game; Their sensitive and therefore vulnerable nature is thus protected. However, in case of too strong a collision, they react with cruelty to all their charm, leaving the role.

Pisces with an ascendant in Leo constantly repeat that they are confident in their firmness, but this is not so, they only want to look, so do not burden them. Being soft and idealistic, they would not want to spend too much time fighting. They dream a lot, not admit it. They lead a kind of double life: one for themselves, when they are alone wandering or riding, the other in everyday life, full of strength, self-control, where they hold even a little domineeringly.

However, energy, too quickly expires, so that they again need inner peace. In a situation of stress, they can help the cherished bottle. Their ambition is great; It feels that they have to wage a daily brutal struggle against their own weakness; This is given to them not easily, which causes them to hide in inner pride.

Here the ascendant protects them from appearing too vague, which leads to the development of some selfishness, although in fact there can be no question of selfishness as such. They radiate a mysterious charm, which is difficult not to succumb. People are willing to spend time with them.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

This is a wonderful combination of signs that gives warmth and sincerity to your feelings. You sympathize with someone else’s suffering and have the talent to take practical action. You are also kindhearted, enterprising and energetic, although a little gullible, vulnerable and too impressionable.

You are accused of loving money, and although there is some truth in this, you are undoubtedly talented in everything related to their getting. But it looks almost as if you could not wait until you get rid of them, as money slips between your fingers with frightening speed. Although it does not bother you.

Money for you is only a means to please yourself, because few people know how to indulge in fun with such enthusiasm as you. Honestly, you are not hesitating to spend money to help or please others. You are quick-tempered, but are quick-witted and rarely trouble yourself with revenge. Your father has a great influence on your situation in life. It can become for you a source of constant trouble.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are an incorrigible, but a talented spender. You could be a millionaire or seller, but you never have cash with you, and you are always in debt. In addition to spending on entertainment, you can spend money on gambling, since you are also an avid player. It seems that you despise things and you can not wait to get rid of them. You remain perfectly calm when you turn off the electricity, and when the bailiff knocks at your door, it only amuses you. All this is good in case you have to take care only of yourself, but if you have close people, then you make them experience unnecessary suffering. Only when the atmosphere in the house is heated, you try to do something, but, as a rule, it is already too late, and the catastrophe is inevitable.

Love and Family

When you finally understand what love is, marriage can be a happy combination of minds and hearts for you. But when you marry under the influence of momentum, simply because, you are alone and looking for physical rather than spiritual satisfaction, this can be an erroneous step. You need to mature for marriage and determine exactly what you want from it. Probably, you will marry twice, and from both spouses you will have children. Some problems will be associated with the older child, and he will need special care. You can have twins, especially if your spouse is Aquarius. When your children grow up, disagreements will arise between them, but do not you think that they always did not get along with each other?

Career and Money

You could do well in big business, in banking or in entertainment. You will achieve success with your talents, although you have a wide range of useful acquaintances. You are attracted by the sphere of fine arts and public service, you also have a flair for good poetry. Everything that you do, you try to do well, hack-work — this is not for you. No matter what you do, you will have to travel a lot. You can do well by trading in consumer goods, such as food and clothing.

Health and Immunity

Your natural impatience and positive lifestyle will not allow the illness to interfere with your life for a long time. You just do not pay attention to the disease, that’s why you rarely get sick. But you also have vulnerabilities that require attention — this is the heart, back and circulatory system. You are also prone to rheumatism. If you will be more in the sun and have more rest, this will ensure that you keep good health for life.

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