Sun in Pisces — Rising in Pisces

A person with the Sun in Pisces and an ascendant in Pisces refers to others with a constant willingness to help. They are often too good-natured, and therefore defenseless if they are in danger. From difficult situations they are saved by a naive smile; They retreat when they encounter something too loud, not artistic, too superficial.

They radiate gullibility, although they can rarely express their faith in words. They are always too sentimental, celebrate small memorable dates as holidays, they are surrounded by candlelight, music constantly sounds in their circle; Every day remains outside the door. They quickly comprehend that in the life struggle — not their business; They show themselves to be more helpless than they really are, they pretend — and they know how amazing.

Pisces with an ascendant in Pisces show themselves as miserable beggars or martyrs, and there are always people who want to earn a clean conscience with their help ... They love romance, sober world is too choppy for them, too sour and oppressive; They want peace and quiet.

They live very secluded and do not stand out. It often reveals what wonderful works of art they have created, what valuable people they were when they are no longer there. They bring something mysterious to the environment, which usually causes fear. They are too otherworldly, they dream of paradise, from which people are so long ago expelled. But they can dream! Like no one else!

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

A man born under this combination of signs is an incorrigible romantic. This is kind, soft, artistic and impressionable nature. In you, there is something from the child, and at the same time it bribes and makes you vulnerable. Friends consider it their duty to take care of you, as they are convinced that you are indiscriminate in dating. Their fears are not without foundation. The material and financial aspects of life remain a mystery to you in seven seals, but you like this state of affairs. You are inclined to generosity and are always ready to share with your neighbor. You are happy if you have the opportunity to develop freely and learn when you want and what you want.

You are notable for being secretive, since for you this can be the only way to save something just for yourself. Your greatest weakness is indecisiveness, and you hate to take obligations for fear that you may need to change your mind. However, your dignity far outweighs your shortcomings, and although others may lose their temper by trying to get you to face the reality, it’s enough for them to look once into those tear-filled eyes of Pisces to soften.

Usually you have many brothers and sisters, and relatives take good care of you. Your parents do not help you enough, and you may, in some sense, distance yourself from your father. Family property can be divided. Perhaps your mother will marry twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are looking for the most vile spheres of life and indulging in so many vices, how many will have time to enjoy in your, probably short life. You can be an avid player, drunkard, addict, masochist or swindler. If someone tells you that with the help of some of these exercises your business will go better, you will certainly try to find out if this is so. You are completely devoid of ambition and rarely bother to earn even a little money.

All you want is to have enough money to pay for your vices. Your emotional and sexual life is of paramount importance to you, but when the situation is not in your favor, you are looking for an excuse to avoid a clash with reality and forget yourself in drunkenness or drugs. Even superman would not be able to withstand the loads to which you expose your body, and ultimately would break down, so now it’s time to seek help.

Love and Family

If it were your will, you would maintain friendly relations with all your former lovers for the rest of your life. The number of friendly visits should suit you completely and leave an opportunity for their cancellation, if you have such a mood. Finally, for the time being you will forget about your ideas about love and marry. You are naturally prone to polygamy, and having such a tendency, you can expect that certain problems will arise in a married life. Your spouse may also have some kind of problem (with health or some other), and the spouse’s relatives can stubbornly interfere with your life and spoil your relationship. You will divorce your first spouse, and then decide to marry again. From a financial point of view, you can benefit from this side of life. You will have many children, they will be happy in life. They are waiting for a lot of travel, and life will be full of changes. For you, love, sex and marriage are just one great adventure.

Career and Money

You are probably very talented and therefore can be quite selective. Some areas in which you can excel are art, cinema, ballet, sea and minerals. You have an active creative nature and are always looking for new ideas, so you can make a wonderful writer. You are expansive, you have a wide range of interests, many of which you can successfully implement. Welfare will come to you as a result of your own efforts, through travel, and also the goodwill of friends. A person born under this combination of signs can achieve fame and fortune.

Health and Immunity

It’s unlikely that you have the same vitality as those born under other combinations of signs, so vitamins, exercise, sun and good nutrition can help you a lot. Indulging your whims can undermine your health, and you should consciously moderate this inclination. Vulnerable areas are the feet, ankles and kidneys. You are prone to illnesses and eye injuries. You should also handle sharp or hot objects with care. A reasonable way of life can greatly increase your chances of living to a very old age.

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