Sun in Pisces — Rising in Sagittarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Pisces and the ascendant in Sagittarius seems more confident than he is. However, they are people with great opportunities. It is a subtle, spiritualized, artistic character, as if enveloped in light magic. The heyday that is possible here seems completely mysterious. Here one can find understanding and help, but also a few sectarian-minded monks, in whom no one takes away their faith.

Pisces with an ascendant in Sagittarius are easily animated, they strive for ideal goals and professions, they want to achieve something special. They think of others, although they themselves are obsessed with the need for tenderness, tenderness for all, for themselves and for others.

They readily join strong characters, but in the end they remain with their own image. In the extreme case, they can remain alone, live a bachelor life, if only they will have friends and girlfriends. If speech is no longer about goals and connections, they can indulge in drunkenness, enjoy the ordinary, eat tasty, exude outwardly.

But they always want to start everything from the beginning, because they believe in the future, even if it’s the future in the next world. It’s tragic that when they sum up, they must admit to themselves that in their youth they set too high goals, and with the passage of time things became more modest. This leads them into depression, in particular because while their parents are alive, they are by right — pets.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

Despite the fact that you are actively looking for adventure and the opportunity to go on a trip, you are also strongly attached to the house and reluctantly leave it for a long time. Hopefully, your parents encouraged you to look for friends outside the family circle, otherwise the freedom-loving side of your character would not develop, which could make you feel always unhappy and could Would even get sick. Staying at home with your family, you should not be guided by feelings of guilt. You are completely devoid of selfishness, and you should stop placing your desires in dependence on the desires of others. You need to learn to insist on your own sometimes. You are kindhearted, friendly and educated person, but you really must force yourself to be a more significant person.

You are an optimist, which means that you are popular and enjoy communicating with many friends. You like to entertain them, especially if you can do it in a home setting. In your youth, your life was not particularly happy, perhaps because you had to part with your father or because of a change in your parents’ relationship. There is also some mystery related to them: your father or father of your spouse could be the cause of some limitations in your life that were intolerable to you. Remember that striving for freedom is an integral feature of your personality, and freedom is a thing that you should fight for.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a miserable sight when you climb out of your skin to please others. Part of the reason for this is a lack of self-confidence, but also that you hate taking responsibility. You are willing to go after other people, because you are afraid that suddenly you will have to lead them. This attitude extends to both professional and personal life. As for communication, you are chained to your home and tremble with fear at the thought of having to talk with strangers. You are a boring house-lover, afraid of your own shadow. Fortunately, you rarely manage to harm other people, you just annoy them. You are causing irreparable harm to yourself. Look inside yourself and find that spirit of freedom that deep inside of you is struggling for survival.

Love and Family

While you are young, you view marriage as a trap, preferring diversity and not limiting yourself to daily contemplation of the same person. It is not easy for you to calm down on one thing, and you will marry many times. One of these unions will have a huge impact on your situation in life. Ill-wishers will try to destroy your family life, and you will spend a lot of time fighting them. You will have few children, and between you there will be no great affection. It is likely that you will part with one of your children. Subsequently, children can blame you for not caring for them. In all likelihood, there is some truth to this accusation.

Career and Money

You have an active and clear mind. You are very smart, quickly trained and always ready to accept new ideas. You can make a wonderful career in such areas as trade, media, transportation, communications, or in business related to any of these areas. In youth, you will have many problems, but luck will come to you. You will have two classes and many acquaintances among people who have weight in the society who will take part in your affairs, and their help will always come in handy. Your career will be long and fruitful.

Health and Immunity

You are a very active person and are engaged in at least one sport that helps you to always be in shape. Nevertheless, there are areas for which you need to follow — this is the throat, ears and bronchi. In old age, you can suffer from sciatica, varicose veins and swelling of the legs. In general, you have good health, and you can well expect to live to a very old age.

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