Sun in Pisces — Rising in Virgo

The character of a man with the Sun in Pisces and the Ascendant in Virgo finds in the surrounding stability, which is not enough for him himself. They cling to the real possibilities, they cling to everything that can be taken for this. He also finds support in the orderliness of life.

The necessary duties are performed more for the sake of others than for one’s own needs. They entrust themselves, as far as possible, to others, so as not to be lost. They develop at the same time a strong sense of everyday prescription and adapt to any environment. They are delighted with luxury, but can travel overnight in a bunk bed in a common room.

Pisces with ascendant in Virgo adapt to not dissolve. They are brave, but they do not have any principles, often do not even have their own pride — they can not afford such a luxury. They use all the opportunities presented, their connections are unstable, everything is ruled by momentary things.

They do not show this, what really happens in them, they try to seem viable. The practical prevails; They speak of the spiritual, but do not develop it. So this character is really viable, although they change constantly to their vital core, and it is a pity, because the surface orientation to the existing environment often hindered by artistic interests is strongly hampered.

♓ Pisces Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

Your appearance of a conscientious, responsible and practical person often pushes strangers from you. Your family understands that you are actually much softer than you seem. Undoubtedly, you are prone to criticism, but at the same time try to be as honest as possible and benefit from your comments and suggestions. The coldness that you radiate is just the shell behind which you hope to hide your sensitivity. You become an excellent friend and a loving spouse, but you can be tough in dealing with other people.

Minor problems lead you into a state of panic, but in the face of real difficulties you remain steadfast and cool. From this, with obvious clarity, it follows that you need to avoid pettiness, otherwise it can ruin your otherwise beautiful character. You are modest, courteous and eloquent in the company, although people consider you a person who is difficult to know until the end. They do not understand that before you show your true self, you want to make sure that you are loved and trusted.

Your life began hard. The father could marry twice or have an unlawful connection secretly from the family. Neighbors usually do not treat you very well. There is really no real attachment between you and your family members.

Dark Side of the Sign

You — a constant headache for others, restless, nervous and inconsistent in the thoughts and actions of the hypochondriac. Close people try to understand you and always find excuses for your behavior. You find secret satisfaction in hiding your true face and not showing your best qualities. You are selfish and care only about your own needs and welfare. You are not able to overcome obstacles and courageously endure frustration and prefer to pretend to be sick, leaving friends or relatives to sort out troubles.

You are a useless parent, mainly because you yourself are still a child. But there will come a moment (probably by the age of forty) when the need to stand up becomes urgent. Fate itself may intervene, and you will grow up overnight when someone close to you falls ill, or death befalls someone, or when you face some serious problem. In order for you to change, tragedy must occur, but then it will be too late to change.

Love and Family

More than anything in the world you do not like when you are fooled and try to tie your hands and feet in marriage or love relationships. Therefore, trust in marriage is vitally important to you. You are a loving, loyal and devoted partner, and therefore you think that in a marriage the spouses should at least have mutual trust. It is not surprising that in love you are waiting for disappointment. Perhaps you will marry twice or you will have a love affair secretly from your spouse. Your married life is undoubtedly full of difficulties, and there may be some mystery or problem related to your spouse. Your first child may be characterized by poor health, and he will need particularly careful care. You will have several children who will be difficult to educate, and they will not enter early marriage. There is a danger that you will experience someone’s constant hatred associated with a love story in which the interests of the child may suffer.

Career and Money

You can achieve great success in professional partnerships as a manager, lawyer, agent or in a profession related to medicine. You are attracted by life in nature, maybe you are interested in gardening, truck farming or farming.

You will be a relatively wealthy person and will achieve prosperity through hard work. In youth, you can lose everything that you have acquired, but the next years will be more successful. Despite a series of difficulties, you will achieve a good position, although, probably, many times you will change your profession and often travel.

Health and Immunity

Your physical condition is largely due to your mental state. If you manage to overcome the propensity to worry, your health problems should disappear. You need to learn to stay away from the situation; Try to do yoga, it could bring you many benefits. Areas that need special care are the intestine and blood. You are also prone to eczema and allergies and it may turn out that it is caused by wheat.

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