Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Aries

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Aries Moon signs produces the ultimate in energy and pioneering spirit. You are apt to work hard for the common good so long as it advances your own personal ambitions and satisfies your desire to be in the forefront of the action. You are defiant and extremely self-confident. You are sure of your manner and consequently, you handle people with the greatest of natural ease. You love to assume responsibility and you’ll move in and take over wherever you can.

This placement blends the sincerity, directness of manner, expressiveness and versatility of Sagittarius with the assertiveness, personal ambition and enthusiastic spirit of Aries. Excitement, adventure, advancement are what you want. Sometimes your aggressive temperament can get in your way. Restless, impulsive or precipitant in action, you can benefit in overcoming excitability and the decisions made to quickly.

You need to be more deliberate and avoid being in too much of a hurry which can lead to carelessness at times. Test ideas and plans before putting them into action. You have strong ideals and high principles with intense convictions. You are flexible in your thinking and you’re capable of changing your mind with just as much speed as you made it up in the beginning. You are a leader and things move rapidly when you are in charge. A natural executive, you are never afraid to make a decision. Moderation is the key to your success.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

Even though you are smart and perceptive, your emotional growth lags behind your understanding. It is almost impossible for you to sit still for very long because you are more like a round-eyed child than a dignified academic. You always want to discover adventure and excitement. There is a duality between the way you show yourself and the way you actually are. The surface is knowledgeable and profound but the inside is reckless. A Sagittarius-Aries is fearless about speaking their mind and has been so since a young age. No other mixture personifies such blunt outspokenness. You have no inhibitions but have the courage to say precisely what you feel.

You are active, capricious, and very independent. Everything is as you see it. It does not matter what others think, you are forthright and fearless. You have a philosophical and serious part to your nature too, and there are not many subjects you cannot talk about intelligently. You really like to shock people with your unusual behavior. You do not need to wear a costume at a Halloween party. Wit rates among your greatest pluses. You always manage to annoy some people by pointing out everything they are attempting to ignore.

You are satirical and playful. Luckily, people who deserve your attacks are the ones who get them. Using simple nonchalance and purity, you attempt to bring out the hypocrisy you see everywhere. There is a bit of arrogance in your manner even though people may love you. Your penchant is for drama. You really enjoy showing off your humor and courage and you flourish on competition. From time to time, try a little thoughtful contemplation before you speak and be more respectful of the emotions and beliefs of others. It is highly probable you will have several occupations in your life because this combination connotes diversity.

You are both a calculating philosopher and a perennial optimist. In spite of your lack of inhibitions and proper behavior, you always have friends. Others admire your bravery and fresh, alluring charm. You are demonstrative and bighearted. You hunger for an audience and an audience is what you generally find. The comedian, critic, dramatist, and satirist are good for your combination. Mark Twain and James Thurber are both fine examples of Sagittarius-Aries. You need be careful of that rather big ego of yours, but you are essentially good-hearted and kind.

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