Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon signs yields a personality that is idealistic and very much the romanticist. You are a dreamer and a visionary. This versatile and sensitive combination blends the sincerity, optimism, enthusiasm and expressiveness of Sagittarius with the emotional depth, feeling and intuitive insight of Cancer. A desire to learn, with practical ability, suggests a flexible, versatile or adaptable expression of talent. An intuitive foresight guides you and may keep you out of trouble in everyday affairs. An emotional awareness enables you to understand people, and know what it is they want.

In business, you can actually sense the public trend or interests. An optimistic and enthusiastic nature vitalizes your feelings and emotions, and stimulates your actions. Because of your emotional nature you are prone to extremes. Control your excitement and enthusiasm. Don’t let emotions distort reason as they are apt to do. You can be somewhat impulsive in expression of your feelings or sympathies, and consequently, your choice of friends is sometimes based on how you feel rather what you know about an individual.

You do better when you are more careful and chose friends from those who have proved to be reliable, honest and intelligent. Because of the nature of your Sun and Moon polarity, it is likely that emotional extremes or a tendency toward sensationalism can be a problem for you. You may often attempt to reach too high or strive for too much recognition. You succeed most easily when you combine your intuitive skills and develop a habit of steady concentration.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You are a quick learner because your emotional character is receptive and you are very flexible. Anything that involves the exotic and undiscovered as well as language and society probably intrigues you. You are a very emotional person even though you may have the aura of a scholar. You are controlled, tranquil, and good-hearted and have great depth and perception. The daring, hopeful, and freedom-loving Sagittarius Sun in your combination is connected with the careful, astute, and inventive Cancer Moon. Caution always holds influence over whim in you and unlike your other Sagittarians you favor looking before you leap.

Your manner is self-assured and you always appear so capable and well versed that many think you are profound. You make friends and judge others according to the way you feel about them because you are extremely intuitive. You are usually correct when you sense a person is not trustworthy or dishonest. However, there are moments, when your feelings and your avant-garde imagination carry you away. Sometimes it is hard for you to distinguish fantasy from reality because you are a dreamer. You could have a smug or self-satisfied viewpoint as time goes by, as with all those who have their Moon in Cancer.

You may not carry out those lofty ideals or employ your many endowments because you are too easily contented. You should be able to get past this complacency if your home life is a content one because from a sound base, you can achieve many fantastic things. Joseph Conrad, the writer, is an example of the very insightful and artistic Sagittarius-Cancer. Your appeal and ability will gain you a lot of esteem and admiration. People feel your earnestness and are grateful for your kindness but you should be careful about too much self-contemplation.

You can become very dazed by the things you come across about your own character and you are very sensitive. You have substantial religious longings and are a spiritual individual. Great adventures can come from the vibrant Cancer imagination, but it can also cause phobias and illusions. Keeping it limited is something you need to learn. If you let your emotions carry you away your judgment and insight can be affected. You can adapt to nearly any condition or surroundings with your great confidence. Because you recognize that true security is found only inside ourselves, you can make your home almost anywhere.

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