Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a vigorous thinker who is capable of rising to a high position through the strength and originality of mind and expression. We probably don’t have to worry too much about your self-esteem; it is naturally strong and a key feature of your success. This is a very practical and executive combination. It blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm, foresight, and directness of manner common with Sagittarius, and the ambition, shrewdness, realism and practicability of Capricorn.

This is great for dealing in business affairs. Mental prudence or instinctive cautiousness enable you to keep expansive plans or ideas on a practical or realistic basis. Good foresight lets you chart the way things turn out and intuitively understand the future course of business. Viewed as practical, realistic and ambitious, you garner a good deal of responsibility. Personal integrity is a strong point in your nature and this help you build a flawless reputation.

While the Capricorn Moon will never let you lose sight of your goals, the Sagittarius Sun want more than just power and is ever seeking happiness and personal satisfaction in the job well done. While its almost certain business will be the center of your attention, other interests will be important, as well. Cultural associations such as music and art can have decided appeal. You are highly executive, and definitely an executive with outstanding balance.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You cover sadness under a painted smile like the laughing clown. As you grew older, you probably became powerfully goal-oriented even though in youth, you may have been impulsive and given to adventure. You are insecure and in all likelihood feel a lot of doubt and even fear. One way you try to exceed and eliminate those feelings is proving yourself. You may seem untroubled, affirmative, and playful on the outside, but below that devil-may-care persona is a very compulsive, somewhat profound, and ambitious person.

You are a very sober and earthy Sagittarian. Although calculating and practical, you tend to think in big, theoretical terms. You have a pessimistic temperament that often shows through no matter how idealistic and affirmative you may seem. In reality you are very aloof and detached but to others you seem happy and outgoing. To the career oriented Sagittarius-Capricorn isolation frequently is a threat. Ambition can become all-consuming and can even remove you from those near you because you see the world as a place of difficulty and hardship.

Do not let ambition become your life even though you have the vision, astuteness, and persistence to accomplish a lot. Try relaxing more and accepting your real nature and do not place incredible demands on yourself. You do not have any difficulty gathering your thoughts because you invariably know your own mind and you are organized and extremely efficient. You can do a great deal for people by using your mental ability to reveal evil and hypocrisy; your perception of things around you is amazing. Very self-examining, you spend perhaps too much time thinking about yourself.

Engrossment with your own issue leads to extreme egoism, but remember your combination shows a lot of wisdom and depth. If you desire to be loved and accepted, you must try to give to people so remember, you only receive what you give. You have plenty of wit and your keen comments always hit home, even though they generally emphasize the darker side of things. You may elect to play the part of clown or jester socially to defend your sensitivity and prevent getting hurt. However, you are very serious. Woody Allen, writer-humorist and satirist-philosopher Voltaire, are both Sagittarius-Capricorns. With your reason and exact mind, you win most debates.

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