Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon signs produces a personality that is by no means shy, timid or backward. You will step to the front when the call for leadership is made. You are a very adventurous person, both physically and mentally, never satisfied to stand still in either sense. Because you are naturally lucky in a financial way, you are never really very concerned about security. You know how to sell yourself and achieve a good deal of popular prestige.

You are apt to see a lot of life before you eventually decide to settle down. Variety, travel, changes, mental stimulation, and a wide range of personalities around you are all needed to busy your extremely restless nature. Stability is your challenge; staying with a project, a cause, or even a person sometimes, can be a really hard task for you. Concentrating your efforts in one focused direction can be your weakness. Nonetheless, your broad range of interests and your enthusiasm will allow you to continue to be effective in working on a lot of things and making continuous progress on all of them.

Pettiness is something you have difficulty understanding and of which are never guilty. Everything you do is above board and rendered in a grand fashion. You rarely exercise caution or care, never one to shy away from taking a risk, so long as there is a reasonable chance things will work out. You want to get to the top and you very well may, guided by a mixture of idealism, faith in yourself, and cool, practical good sense. Yours is a high spirit and a good grasp of reality.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You are anxious and edgy. You do essentially what you want to in life because independence is the one thing you long for most of all and you are always the maverick. You are extremely autonomous and you become frightened if anyone tries to regulate you. You have a perky, playful spirit people find irresistible and you are an eternal optimist. You never lose that aura of disengagement no matter how outgoing and friendly you appear. Even though you can get somewhat emotional on the outside, inside you are always very cool. Concentration is difficult for you. Ingenuity and fortune follow you wherever you go, screening you from dangers that anyone else would no doubt suffer.

For some reason you always seem to get by no matter how uneasy, whimsical, adventurous, and excessive you may be. You are very much an explorer. You feel a ceaseless impulse to be on the move, and you are likely to search many lands and look into many ideas. A great scholar and trailblazer is the nature of your combination, if you could only acquire the patience called for to master something. You just cannot be calm. Some people may charge you with lying and some may think you are not consistent. Because you repeatedly change your mind, you often befuddle others by saying one thing and doing something else.

You are not actually mean or dishonest, you are honorable to the core; it is just that, if you were more careful before speaking, you might not have this problem. Whatever it is you are going to say, be certain you believe it. With romance, as with everything, you are as inconsistent. A person who is able to put up with those mood shifts, or who can walk as quickly and travel as frequently, can be difficult to find. You have spent, from your early years, too much of your time in planning for your next big move.

You may feel, as time passes, some tension and maybe even guilt as your failure to employ your gifts leaves you without any purpose or achievement. Eventually, you may discover that, you have little to show, even though your life has been eventful. Cultivate the discipline it takes to satisfy yourself. Do not be satisfied depending only on cleverness and luck. You love to interlace stories and tales and have a dramatic imagination. Professions include author, artist, or movie maker. Exaggeration is something you are prone to. The line between fantasy and reality gets fuzzy and it is sometimes hard for you to keep your great imagination within limits.

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