Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces a nature with much scope and depth. Your love of mankind is genuine and deep-rooted, and you are always looking for a cause to which you can devote your time and effort. You respond to people in such an understanding and broad-minded way. Tolerance is so pronounced in your nature that it can sometimes be to your detriment; you can actually be understanding when you should be putting your foot down. Most of the time, however, you have such great powers of insight and of recognizing the truth.

You live in a world of ideals and are not greatly interested in things on the material plane. You are not one to blow your own horn, in fact, it would almost seem you possess a true sense of humility of spirit. Emotionally, you are impressionable and romantic, and you can be imposed upon by individuals who play on your general sympathetic approach. You are forgiving, incapable of holding a grudge, and utterly free of meanness, spite, jealousy, or vengefulness. Perhaps you aren’t practical minded, but you do know your own worth and you can succeed in your own way at whatever you do.

Success may depend upon overcoming restlessness and perhaps a tendency to worry too much. You underestimate your own abilities, to keep in the background of affairs or lack somewhat in self-confidence. You dislike petty details and boring routine, but at the same time you can gain most in developing concentration and in focusing your energies on definite objectives.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

You are characterized by flights of fancy. Frequently you may take the easy way out rather than making your numerous gifts work for you. You just adjust and accommodate. You tend to take on the characteristics of those nearest to you and you are emotionally weak with associates, family, and friends. You may let yourself down because of fear or lethargy, even though you have high principles. Sometimes you seem to live on a distant fantasy island and there is a dreamlike aspect to the Sagittarius-Pisces. Somehow when it comes to knowing who deserves your trust and who does not, you are led almost solely by your intuition.

You can mix up dreams with the real world because you also have an extraordinary imagination. It sometimes carries you away. You are universal in nature, and this allows you to survive in almost any surroundings. You are highly impressionable and adaptable. The one main disadvantage to your vivid imagination and high amount of sensitivity is that it can be hard for you to deal with reality. You may be content to copy, or live using others because you set them up as ideals. This is a shame, because the Sagittarius-Pisces who is more daring will discover that only the smallest amount of effort can lead to better things.

You feel the present and future must be happy and you are an optimist. You have two ways of dealing with negativity in your life. You may simply lie to yourself, accepting a fake kind of happiness or tune out troubles rather than handling them directly. You are extremely romantic and giving in love, and life devoid of love is unimaginable for you. It is essential that you have a good appreciation of yourself before beginning long-term relationships because you take the chance of having unhealthy associations, especially in romance.

You almost certainly have a great love of learning and travel as well as to explore other places. Your combination would be good as anthropologists or historians. Ultimately those with Moon in Pisces can be artists or poets if they learn to use their magnificent creative abilities. Hopefully, you will get the type of guidance that will set you on the correct path and your talents will be recognized at a young age. You can have enormous happiness and have the capability to take pleasure in life to its fullest.

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