Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs produces an explosive personality that is always on the go and very much involved. Mentally and physically you are a hair-trigger and rapid-fire type. You’re quick to play your hunches, and these impulses are generally fairly sound. Your nervous energy is so high you require frequent periods of rest and relaxation to avoid mental fatigue. You accept a lot of responsibility because you don’t like to see things half done or poorly managed.

You think in large terms, and people with pessimistic attitude turn you off. You can even get down on yourself if you don’t feel you’re living up to your potential. You see things in abstract ideals and you live by your stern judgments, expecting others to likewise conform to your standards. You are not necessarily devoid of emotions, but you’re a little short on human sensitivities.

You have a dramatic way of stating your views, sometimes bordering on a sort of pomp and circumstance. As serious as you are, your actions are often more reactions, based on a solid core of common sense and your idealistic views. There is much indication of leadership in this placement, and when others don’t adhere to your lead, you are very quick to express your righteous indignation. There seems to be an impersonal detachment to your nature that relates on principle and ideals rather than specific situations and individual problems.

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You have the ability to go to great creative and spiritual heights; you nonetheless have real difficulty when it comes to being on earth. The luck of Jupiter, fortunately, always helps you out at the last minute no matter how out of touch you are. You are capable of stimulating and absorbing an audience with your burning enthusiasm and extent of understanding and you are a natural teacher. However, you are never really certain exactly where you are on important subjects. For this combination, every side of existence takes on large, abstract dimensions because you are the recurrent philosopher. Nothing in life is simple for the double Sagittarius.

You are lifted into the kingdom of the philosopher-king by lucidity of thought and lofty insights, far above those below. Paying the rent or balancing your budget and other details bog you down. Yours is just not the most sensible of combinations because you are extremely absentminded. The inflow of concepts and visions you have can be overpowering and you are never exactly sure which set of rules you must follow, but you are extremely open-minded. You are inclined to change your mind often although serious and attracted to the abstract.

You consider both sides carefully prior to arriving at a decision. You are so careful that it sometimes takes forever for you to take a position. Your worst problem is confusion because the skill to understand mathematics and metaphysics does not help you to know yourself. Once you have mastered a little tolerance and learned to control that restiveness, you may be able to see some of those goals completed. Then you will be all set. You can achieve great success with your wonderful imagination, if you are given the right situation. The Divine is somehow connected to you as well.

You also tend to ignore the long-term consequences of your behavior to live almost wholly for the moment. Repeated silliness is common to the double Sagittarians and caprice rules your decisions. Others may crave gold or fame but your biggest desire is for total personal freedom. The world is your space for your feelings and thoughts and you need to move about freely and do precisely as you want. Travel, either in your mind or literally, is critical to your health. It is very unusual for a double Sagittarius to not travel far and wide. It is hard for you to settle down and see some of those grand goals and not have your freedom. You should try to restrain some of those crazier ideas even though your expansive and freedom-loving soul should never be locked up.

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