Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Scorpio Moon signs produces much self-reliance, and a life that develops very rapidly in the early years. You know what you want and you know how to achieve your ends; a true go-getter. Blended are the well-developed capacity for judgment and wisdom innate in Sagittarius, and the Scorpio’s knack for throwing everything into a project and fighting until the battle is won. Thus, it is easy to see why you can accomplish so much when you set your mind to it. Optimism and determination: a truly hard combination to defeat.

Your nature is subtle and clever, as well, making you good at strategy in handling affairs in business or in the professions. The challenge of this position is handling people with tact and diplomacy, controlling temperament, and avoiding too direct or too blunt of an approach. You have to avoid conflict to really succeed. Your mind is quick and the ability to think on your feet is really superb, but all of this quickness is wasted if you are too impetuous.

You have a lot of emotional energy, which when under the control and direction of your will and your mind, gives the force to achieve very high objectives in life. Actually, there is a good bit of sensitivity in your nature, and much of your aggressiveness is a defense that instinctively attacks. Your attacks are aimed right at the most vulnerable spot in what you say or do. You need to concentrate on listening to the opinions of others, and control your emotional reactions, allowing them to work for you.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

You populate your life with variety and thrills and remain free-spirited and adventurous. In the hope of finding salvation for yourself or for others, you have plenty of rebelliousness in you and many Sagittarius- Scorpios have joined causes and missions. While you are gracious and idealistic, conceit often mars your good intentions. You have some powerful creative and management urges, but you are also very self- determining and prefer to clear your own special path in life. Your combination consists of the idealism, elevated vision, and transcendentalism of Sagittarius, which is fortified by an acute, driven, and ambitious Scorpio Moon.

You may be busy building up your own unique perspective on life or book of law which enables you to close your mind to the concepts and beliefs of others. You are a very expressive individual with many prejudices and immovable beliefs and may appear somewhat distant and removed. At times, the utter concentration of your emotions deforms your perspective and good judgment. Those who see you as egotistical are probably correct. You actually do separate yourself from others. Billy the Kid, the American outlaw, is an excellent example of the maverick and rebellious Sagittarius-Scorpio. Renewing yourself is one of your wonderful abilities.

You love to dig deeply into unusual subjects and the exotic and the uncharted fascinate you. You are tempted by the delight of distant places and you love to travel. You seek to experience as much as possible in life and you are sensual and pleasure loving. No one can fetter your independent soul and you have a strong sense of free will. You always get up from falls, no matter how many times you are setback or personal misfortunes you encounter. Your mind is inquisitive and perceptive.

You could be a member of the clergy, doctor, scientist, psychologist, or scholar with your wonderful intellectual and spiritual gifts. The necessities for your success in the world are controlling that desire to travel and learning to collaborate with others. Keeping your feelings balanced and guarding against extremes of thought and activity are important for you too. Sensationalizing and exaggerating are things you have a tendency to do. Attempt to detach yourself a bit from your behavior and acquire a more objective viewpoint.

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