Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a rather warm, genial, and romantic individual. You are very idealistic. Almost to the extent that your ideology absorbs practical purposes. You are aspiring rather than ambitious, and you generally look for idealistic rather than realistic satisfactions in life.

You never seem to be particularly concerned about everyday matters, such a making a living, working under the assumption that your needs will somehow be provided for, and usually they are. You really have too much faith in people. Most of time people do respond to you as you had hoped and expected they would. When they don’t, however, you really let it get under your skin and bog you down.

You have so many dreams and illusions, but you really let it get you down when people are ugly or unkind, and the harsh realities of your environment start to close in on you. You can’t seem to handle criticism or put downs well. Your highly romantic nature is ardent, impulsive, loyal and devoted.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You are quite able to realize some of your inspired conceptions and are attracted to the aesthetic and artistic. However, too frequently those dreams stay dreams, because, as is the case with all Moons in Taurus people, you need security before you start any campaigns. This means a significant bank balance and a comfortable house. Even if it may prove more profitable in the long run, the pragmatic side of your character holds you back from following a dubious or unconventional career. Security is crucial to everybody, but do not let it be your exclusive pursuit in life.

You may always feel an internal discontent if you do not on occasion act on your whims no matter how materially prosperous you become. You are a person of excellent perceptivity and you think in wide conceptual terms. Your combination includes the mature wisdom and utility of Taurus with the transcendental and visionary aspect of Sagittarius. Your compassion for people is boundless which may be another grounds for having difficulty following through on your aspirations. Your judgment is often blocked by sentimentality and sympathy. In the end, you are actually a nice person and very softhearted. Saying no is hard for you and there is nothing you detest more than the thought of rejecting someone.

You have a style for business in addition to solely creative or aesthetic pursuits. You know just when to undertake a venture or take a financial chance because you are a good gambler. Charisma and charm work to your advantage and people feel your inherent dignity. Individuals with this mixture can excel as entrepreneurs and business people. You are always affirmative and positive in your dealings and setbacks very rarely rattle you even though you are a very serious person. You might feel some guilt feelings deep inside about stepping to the fore and expressing your points of view.

Most of your worries are in your mind because you do have quite a vivid imagination. You are by nature such an affectionate and sharing person, you will forever be loved and esteemed no matter what road you choose to take in life. Your nature is very sensual and down-to-earth. You enjoy pursuing pleasure, but comfort is not everything and you can very easily backslide into self-satisfaction, or adopt a smug mindset. Cultivating a broad range of interests and being active socially is a must for Sagittarius-Taurans.

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