Sun in Sagittarius — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Virgo Moon signs produces a good deal of intellectual power, and with it, the ability to bring generalizations down to details and specific plans. This position blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of manner of Sagittarius, with the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo. Consequently, this combination produces a lot of achievers and outstanding people. You have an excellent mind, capable of handling broad concepts and minute details with equal ability.

Your well-developed mental powers permit you to move from broad concepts down to technical details assuring versatility and adaptability in business or in a profession. Realism tinged with a critical analysis, romanticism without being too impractical, these are your gifts. You see clearly without the help of rose-colored glasses, and you relate what you see and know with honesty and and a well-defined authority. No one has to guess where you stand on any issue.

Thinkers that dwell on issues that are philosophically practical are always in demand. You can be pushy, but not to the extent that you offend. Rather, your manner can be described as diplomatic and charming, but still there is the authority of a director or tutor. It’s sometimes necessary to guard against a tendency to be somewhat impulsive. You are at your best when you don’t rush things or allow yourself to be pressured.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You are extremely perceptive. One of your greatest gifts is intuition. You are aware of when it is prudent to take a risk or grab an advantage, as well as when it is smart to remain cool. Your success is assured because of your wisdom, vigilance, and good judgment. Another gift is persuasiveness and you are charming and soft-spoken. You know precisely how to get to the spirit. You are an outstanding salesman and a convincing leader because of your way with words. An example of a very developed Sagittarius-Virgo is Winston Churchill.

You are a lot more reserved and earthy than your fellow Sagittarians. You favor looking before you leap. There is nothing casual or lighthearted about you. Your Virgo inner self provides you with a fixed sense of obligation. Very early in life you most likely had to take on a lot of responsibility, which brought out your clever, pragmatic outlook. You have a very understated, almost wily way about you. You can always spot dishonesty, and your aptitude to sense other people’s weaknesses is awesome. You have a restive, autonomous, and unruly spirit even though you prefer to work and live in a conventional lifestyle.

Your emotional character is a bit reserved and uncertain even though you are just as fervent and daring as your fellow Sagittarians. You may build up vague feelings of inadequacy or despair whenever you feel you cannot handle the burden of your consummate and aggressive personality. Do put yourself down. You have many magnificent qualities, which more than compensate for any boldness or courage you may think you lack. You have astonishing powers of scrutiny and an excellent intelligence. Sagittarius provides you the skill to handle the abstract and philosophical, while Virgo gives you the ability to set those ideas on a more a realistic plateau.

A good example of the versatile and intellectual Sagittarius-Virgo is Spinoza, the philosopher. You set exceptionally high, nearly perfectionist goals for yourself and you are never happy with being second best. When you find you cannot meet the demands you set for yourself, bad temper and nervous tension often come about. Your frustrations might be released on the people closest to you. This includes your sarcasm, which can border on malice at times. More time for enjoying life needs to be set aside. Do not let your loyalty to work become a compulsion even though your sense of duty is commendable.

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