Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Aquarius

The character of a man with the Sun in Sagittarius and the ascendant in Aquarius produces a paradoxical impression. Such persons are almost ideal, but depend on the whims of others. They are striving for moral and ethical purposes, but the dog, which in front of them in the street will cope with their need, cause immense irritation. They immediately begin or consider a new method of cleaning streets or offer to raise prices for dogs. So they react quickly, but their high goals remain in an uncertain remoteness.

For all their surprise and leap, they feel the need for deeply loyal behavior. They often rape their temperament to react differently than they would like. They have the courage to see their own mistakes.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Aquarius are also always ready to apologize, although the closest deviation brings the same surprises. They are spiritually and mentally mobile, many are shut up for a belt, but they know about the big interrelations. They get involved in the work for progress, but they already look under new impressions, they want to reform this and that.

Those who do not identify themselves with larger goals — and such a majority — live permanently in some whirlpool; They would like to — but somehow by the way ... They can quit the profession that night, which they just perceived as a calling — they just want to live. It is difficult for them to find the meaning of life and fill it with intuitive imprinting; If it succeeds, it becomes a milestone.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You can become a friend to any creature, from a large blue whale to an old lady living next door. You rarely meet people who are as caring and humane as you are. You gladly become a supporter of movements that set the task of improving the life of all mankind. You are generous, impulsive, kind and caring about the good of others, although it is difficult for people to establish close contact with you. You hide your feelings until you make sure that there is a person in front of whom you can open up.

You are notable for great mental and physical activity. You are always looking for reasons for experiencing your mental abilities. In your free time, you prefer to go in for sports or spend time outdoors, that is, allowing you to escape from the polluted atmosphere of the city for a while and avoid contact with people.

You become a reliable friend, but you are very hot-tempered. Nevertheless, you are not rancorous, benevolent and gracious. You have an unbending will and achieve your goal in spite of any obstacles. You like to move and often travel for the sake of the process itself. Your father is probably engaged in buying and selling or raising livestock. He could leave you when you were still a child, maybe went to distant countries. Relatives, especially a brother, have a great influence on your situation in life, and someone’s death will seriously affect the prospects of your career.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have the same sense of tact as a bulldozer. Yes, you are frank and honest, it’s also true that people always know how you feel about them; But that’s because you do not hesitate to tell them about it. You with laudable zeal spread about their opinions and express criticism. It does not occur to you to think at the same time about the feelings of other people or act at least a little more diplomatically. Nevertheless, you are completely unprepared when you are treated in the same way. You feel like a complete fool and try to get rid of the truth about yourself as soon as possible if it does not fit your ideas. You can deal with you, but only at a distance. Therefore, most of your relationships with people are fleeting, and although you can not be called a completely ridiculous person, but that you are a self-assured bore, that’s for sure.

Love and Family

You feel more free when you live alone. Being in a marriage, you need to reserve the right to a significant share of freedom, even if you have small children. This requires great tolerance and understanding on the part of your partner, since it would be unwise to make a person like you feel trapped. Despite this, your marriage is stable, although your dispassionate nature can sometimes provoke problems. At the same time, you are wary of situations where you need to show emotion and are reluctant to take decisive steps. But if you make a commitment, you become a reliable and faithful spouse. You will have few children, but there may be twins. With children, you will have a lot of trouble. The firstborn will require special care before his birth and during the first two years of life. You will probably travel a lot for family matters.

Career and Money

You could well prove yourself, working in a team, striving for a common goal or for the common good. You are interested in the humanities and scientific research, and often your work is associated with secret methods of research in the field of experimental science. You can make a good writer and orator, you like to explore the principles on which oratorical art and theater are built. You will make many trips on financial matters and in connection with your work. Probably, you will have two sources of income, and your occupation will have a certain shade of secrecy. It can be associated with chemical research, military affairs, politics or the investigation of crimes.

Health and Immunity

You are a person with good health, but if you do not feel well, fresh air will be especially useful to you. You are prone to blood diseases, eczema, muscle spasms, indigestion, stomach upset, neuralgia and sometimes injuries to the feet and ankles. You are not inclined to easily succumb to disease, so you have nothing to worry about.

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