Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Ascendant in Aries seems to the surrounding one full of ideal strength. They are always independent, striving for high goals. They are faced with a hard experience that everyone is pretending for their time. They quickly learn, love their teacher, they are athletic and are interested in literature; They want to be the first, but do not push all unceremoniously elbows.

But if they made up their minds about something, they can not be convinced. This should not be confused with the prejudices that they often feed; Here they quickly adopt a different point of view in order to show themselves soft and receptive. When they overcame prejudices, then one can count on their character.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Aries are like a rock in the surf band; Their life experience is not a sham. They outgrow themselves, they passionately pass on their experience — painfully worried that their advice will not be accepted. This severely hurts them; They can withdraw into themselves, and in years to hit the world with new knowledge or a new point of view, which they preach with passion.

They want to change the world, form it, rid others of false ways. They are usually sincere and ready for fair competition. They know how to lose, although it is given to them with great difficulty — at least for the sake of being an example.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

Both signs are controlled by the elements of Fire, therefore a person born under this combination of signs is distinguished by activity and fervor. Fire burns in your eyes and blood. You are energetic, aggressive and mobile — you are a quick-tempered person. You have a great generous heart, you puff with confidence and optimism, but you also have a supersensitive ego and you are very touchy. Even the difference in opinions or approaches to anything can be seen by you as a manifestation of disregard for your personality. You are energetic and athletic, in spirit you are a true pioneer. You need physical activity to give out your energy. You are not lacking in popularity, as people are attracted to your warmth, and they like that you organize and direct them.

The time you spent on continuing your education will not be wasted. You will also benefit from a long journey. Probably, you will live abroad, maybe after you get married to a foreigner. You are probably the only child in the family. As a child, you will experience many difficulties because of the unsettled affairs of your parents, and your father may disappear, leaving his family without means of subsistence. Relatives do not favor you, and relations in the family are marked by tension. You like height, mountains are your element, so you can do mountaineering.

Dark Side of the Sign

Although you are very energetic and full of enthusiasm, you do not have the patience to hang on for long. You take on everything and do not finish anything — the initiator, but not the finalizer. You do not think about your mistakes and are hardly able to learn from the experience. You swing like a swing from self-abasement to exaggerated, boastful arrogance. People find you a very unstable type and do not stand your aggressiveness. You blossom in an atmosphere of strife, and when all your family and friends turn away from you, you will easily begin to rant before strangers. God help you, if you get someone like you.

Love and Family

The need to give out your sexuality is more pronounced in you than most people, although your perseverance is tempered by your inherent romanticism. At the same time, your egoism becomes obvious and the childishness that is peculiar to you comes to the fore, especially when love affairs do not add up. You probably marry early and hurriedly. Later, you repent of it, and it may even come to a divorce. This combination of signs does not promise a large offspring, so children will be small or not at all. You will travel a lot for family affairs and in connection with your state of health, and maybe to avoid misfortune.

Career and Money

Travel, politics, military affairs, education and sports are the areas where you can succeed. You are ambitious, but there are many difficulties waiting for you to overcome which you will need to collect all your determination. Your fortune is changeable. You will get rich if your business is related to property or industry, or your spouse turns out to be a very wealthy person. You will often change your place of residence and make long trips, carrying out some assignments. You can become a pioneer in the field of intellectual knowledge, as well as in military affairs. Financial gain will bring your courage and travel. You may be interested in the work related to the exploration and mining of minerals.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to flatulence, colic and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs. There may be injuries to the eyes, hands and feet. Since Aries controls the head, it is likely that you can suffer migraine attacks. But their cause may be an allergy, so you should take the trouble to find out its source.

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