Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Cancer

The character of a person with the Sun in Sagittarius and the ascendant in Cancer is too emotional with respect to others, which in fact does not correspond to their inner, spiritual core. So they often live in conflict either with themselves or with others. If they behave good-naturedly and affably, they then find themselves uncomfortable; If they make demands, they run into resistance.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Cancer often behave like a king, protect the weak and old. But they emphasize this too much. It is different when they take on something; Then they can carry with them. When they manage to find the right tone, they are on the razor’s edge.

They want to do everything more or less thoroughly, do not like to be driven; They want to learn from the best. They often hurt themselves, emphasizing the spirit and mind, and then feeling their own dependence on the spiritual dreams. The subconscious mind makes itself felt, often appearing in prejudices and hasty judgments with which the mind must then cope; However, alas, the subconscious later turns out to be mostly right.

This experience is remembered, so that with age they become skeptical, distrustful or overbearing. They want to elevate people over chatter, do not want to succumb to mental depression, which constantly covers them. They struggle for the future, but they do not know how to entice others around them, whom they constantly touch.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

No doubt, you often wondered why you do not fit your astrological description. You are proud of your sensitivity, rich imagination and artistic abilities — characteristics not characteristic of Sagittarius. But these features are not expressed in you as much as you are trying to convince us. This is only a convenient facade that you show the world. Although you are interested in your own feelings, you can be extremely unceremonious about the feelings of others.

Besides, you are not such a homely person as you like to represent yourself, and if you have a bad mood, then the feelings of loved ones are not taken into account. No doubt, you are a difficult person, one of those who love unfamiliar places and adventures. Depending on the circumstances, you can be bold and timid. Usually you fold in the face of physical danger, but show great courage in views and opinions. You will inherit some property, although after many obstacles. From relatives with whom you often have disagreements, you can expect trouble. Therefore, you can get closer to another family.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are an untrustworthy messenger, although you are not an absurd person. You do not have the faintest idea of what you want from life, and therefore always avoid making serious commitments. You give yourself entirely to the momentary mood, but another person comes to replace it, and you take your words back. You are misleading both yourself and other people who consider you an unbalanced person with whom you can maintain only superficial relations. If you really want to succeed in life, you should take advantage of the opportunities given to you and bring the matter to an end.

Love and Family

You tend to get stuck in domestic matters and refuse to go have fun even when you can afford it. You are a person of mood, and you should watch that this quality does not damage your relationship with your loved one. You are often disappointed in people, which makes you look for new acquaintances. This combination of signs does not favor a cloudless marriage. You can get an inheritance, but only after litigation. Your children will create many problems for you, although in old age they will become your best support. The elder is likely to succeed in medicine, chemistry, or in the profession associated with art.

Career and Money

Your life will be accompanied by many ups and downs, but you will achieve some fame and success. You are able to compile the old material well and present it as new, so you will make an excellent imitator. You are able to negotiate and strive for a good position in society and well-being. Although on your way there will be many problems, in adulthood you will prosper. Friends, especially women, will support you and provide financial assistance. However, one of your friends will cause unfavorable changes in your life. You should be afraid of slander.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to constant anxiety, which you keep in yourself. This negatively affects the digestive system and can lead to the appearance of a stomach ulcer. You should watch your lungs; You are prone to rheumatism and sciatica. There is also a certain risk of injury from falls, especially when you are abroad. Positive emotions will help you to always be in good physical shape.

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