Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Sagittarius and the ascendant in Capricorn is distinguished by a great resistance force, endurance. They are significant in both small and large. They want to gradually turn the world into paradise, even if the victim, however, does not have the bloody sacrifices necessary for development. They just want to persuade.

These are peacekeepers, samples, although they seem inconspicuous. They are obviously optimistic and therefore spend everything to a good end. They know the duality that tortures everyone, including themselves, but they do not express it, on the contrary, they actively want to eliminate it.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Capricorn tend to a profession that is overcrowded, but their chance is that they are not afraid of a long preparatory goal. They seem too experienced; Already in their childhood they have wise and somewhat sad eyes.

These people who do not trust the sun clock, are guided by the constant flow of time, which one day everything will put in order; So-called punctuality is not essential, it is pettiness. They believe in order by and large, and are able to convey this belief to others, what distinguishes them.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

Although Capricorn gives the person a great deal of discretion, he can not completely eclipse your Sun in Sagittarius, distinguished by sociability and enthusiasm. However, people will have to get to know you very closely, before they can penetrate behind the mask of indifference, hiding your true face. You seem to be reserved and withdrawn, and sometimes you really want to enjoy solitude, which serves as a tonic for you. But you are too sociable and active to seek solitude.

Life in nature and sports attract you very much, and you can become an excellent researcher or an athlete, for example. You love to measure your strength with nature to test yourself for strength. In order to achieve maximum results, you must have a goal. As soon as it appears, nothing will stop you on the way to its achievement, and you are able to make unthinkable efforts for this.

You are strong and rational, but you can be suspicious and melancholy. So despite the courage and great ambition that bring success, you often feel unhappy. You know how to forgive, but you will never forget the offense, so you make a great friend, but also a ruthless enemy. You probably have many brothers and sisters, but you often compete with them, and this is fraught with great stress and secret sorrows for you. A father can be hostile to you and serve as a source of distress, especially in connection with your marriage. In youth, you are painful and prone to injury, but with age you become stronger.

Dark Side of the Sign

It’s hard for you to find a middle ground, and you hesitate between unnecessary optimism and black melancholy. Compromise is impossible to achieve. You set yourself unattainable goals, and when you fail, you go so deeply into yourself that friends are afraid for your psyche. Often you start drinking and drinking until a new, no less crazy idea looms on the horizon. In a romantic relationship, you are always either ready to immediately go to the altar, or doom yourself to loneliness. You may not realize this, but on your way you leave behind only misunderstandings and confusion. You constantly misinterpret the words of other people and do not try to understand that you made a mistake. It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses and look at yourself and your life objectively.

Love and Family

You tend to consider love relationships a heavy burden, and the more intimate they become, the more difficulties you experience. This often results from a lack of sociability, perhaps because of your shyness or, more likely, because you prefer a love relationship that is friendly, which allows you to maintain a comfortable distance between you and another person. You often suffer from loneliness, but you can become a caring and loving spouse.

This combination of signs suggests that a person is married or hostile, or he enters it early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are subject to sudden big changes. One of the spouses will bring you prosperity. Your spouse will have a big impact on your ambitious aspirations and career. You will have several children, on which you will place high hopes. This can cause many troubles, as they may not be able to meet your expectations.

Career and Money

You are a great adventurer and are able to achieve great success both in science and in business. You will achieve a good financial situation in life with the help of personal qualities, friends and support of your family. Playing the stock market can also help fill your wallet. Basically, you will benefit from your own enterprise and the main field of activity. Among foreigners or abroad there may be enemies. Your relatives have a great positive impact on your success and position in life.

Health and Immunity

Despite your inherent tendency to hypochondria, you have very good health. Areas of special attention are hands, knees and stomach. You may be prone to colds or constipation, rheumatism, flatulence, colic, mental problems and falls. With a little common sense, you will live a long life without disease.

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