Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Gemini

People with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Ascendant in Gemini are preachers of unity, they see the whole world, and are responsible for it. Their appeal to their neighbors should be taken seriously, their statements are almost religious. They want to teach others, make sense; So they often seem pretentious.

But they can adapt well to others, apparently agreeing with them, but then all this is carried into the work of persuasion. Nothing that can be filled should not remain empty; What should be said — it must be said! They have one advantage: the ability to learn from their experience and their mistakes.

At first, they are prone to exaggerated estimates, but when their goals remain unfulfilled, their judgments become more severe and harsh. However, their sentences are always well formulated and thought out, often these are small masterpieces of literature. This manifests their special talent, which can evolve to poetic creativity.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Gemini are good at associating with others, sometimes with apparent arrogance, but at the same time they are friendly and supportive, no one is irritated, no desire to insist on their orders. They can set a good example, but understand the importance of reward, praise and pay generously. They gloriously glorify life and enjoy it; Similarly, they can indulge in ecstasy, but not for long, because they want to participate in everything.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

You are eloquent and talk with pleasure to anyone who is ready to listen to you. There is nothing that could give you more pleasure than an interesting conversation. You find this time of passage more exciting than sex, which you do not care. Being a smart and intelligent person, you rarely lack the audience. Your kindness and kindness attracts people to you.

You have an insatiable thirst for life and a desire to experience everything. It is difficult to imagine you being alone, you love society and feel free and easy in any company. Love for you is something like a game, and such an attitude towards it contributes to the fact that you lead an interesting but difficult life. You are a good companion, you can always sympathize and find a reasonable solution to other people’s problems.

You need constant movement, changes, new impulses to action, perhaps, in order to protect yourself from boredom. Your luck is changeable, representatives of the opposite sex can greatly influence your life. In life, you experience both periods of abundance and poverty, and in your family there are many secrets and problems. As a rule, your relatives are doing well and have connections in the highest circles of society. Brother or sister will achieve great success in life. You can not always get along with your father. Basically you are the cause of your failures.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are diverse, complex and there is always confusion around you. You are so cunning and always choose such devious ways that your right hand does not know what the left is doing, and friends have long left the hope to get you to fulfill your promises. Your outer charm attracts the opposite sex, and at any age you are able to get carried away by a new face that has appeared in your environment to test yourself and your charm, and break a multitude of hearts in your life journey. The longer a person confronts you, the more energetic your efforts are. If this person is married or has children — nothing, so even more fun. You are unreliable and only know how to break hearts, that’s why you deserve most of the experiences and problems that you experience in life. Unfortunately, we have to suffer for your relatives too, but they will certainly come together someday and leave you alone with your viciousness.

Love and Family

You are not particularly emotional, but you are able to express your feelings in love letters, which are really worth saving. A tendency to flirt can make a stir in your romance or marriage or lead to the fact that you will have several love connections at the same time. Your luck depends more on the opposite sex, and there are many secrets related to your love affairs and hobbies. In some cases, as a result of these intrigues, the child may suffer. You will probably get married twice. Your spouse can be a foreigner or you will live for a while abroad. You will not have many children, they will be talented people, lucky in life. Their abilities can be expressed in the visual arts.

Career and Money

You can succeed by working with a partner, as an agent, manager or lawyer. You are also able to achieve success in matters related to art, science or travel and tourism. You are inventive and full of original ideas about cases related to law, negotiations and trade. You will take a good position in life and probably will have two professions at the same time. You will face many obstacles and difficulties on the way to success, and in most cases they will be connected with representatives of the law. The danger lies in your propensity to disperse your interests. Probably, you will inherit land or real estate.

Health and Immunity

Try not to strain your sensitive nervous system, which can suffer as a result of stress. But your strong body is always on your side, as this combination of signs gives a person truly youthful energy. Vulnerable organs — lungs (susceptible to diseases, especially if you have dark hair), gall bladder. You easily catch cold on trips. Also, there is a tendency to poisoning. Fresh air, good nutrition and exercise will keep you strong and cheerful even in old age.

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