Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Leo

People with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Ascendant in Leo are spiritual leaders, if their level is high enough. But one way or another, they all care about education, about inner development. Here you can meet teachers who work on inner conviction, and even on vacation continue studies; There may be preachers of faith, who inspire society.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Leo’s sign seem to many to be too convinced, sounding prophetically, they carry with their speech, instill confidence and confidence. Personal relationships often depend on them for the similarity of the world view.

They preach tolerance, but, inflamed in the debate about democratic elections, they sit at the table only with those who hold the same opinion as they do. They do not allow themselves to be diverted from their path. They are even stubborn: by setting something, they will carry it out! Their conviction impresses, they are courageous, and where possible, they are followed by retinues.

If you need to stand up for moral principles, they can reach a strain that is unhealthy, but faith in a just cause leads them to recovery. Traditions here are in good hands, the heritage is appreciated; The transfer, although modernizing, is not interrupted. Their behavior is noble and deliberate; In how they remain calm even with some excitement, one feels self-possession.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

This is a very active, sporting and creative combination of signs. You have a wonderful sense of humor and know how to please yourself. Your warmth, generosity and optimism attracted to you many people, and you can always use popularity. You have a good understanding with children and animals, in yourself there is something from the child. You need to give vent to their creative energy, if not in the profession, is at leisure. But your sensitivity hurts your ability to express yourself.

In love, you are romantic and delicate. Despite the disappointment that has gripped you, you keep faith in people. You are very sociable and feel in your element surrounded by people, especially if you are in the center of attention. Your ego is your Achilles’ heel, which must be constantly maintained and protected. You are very touchy.

The father will have a big impact on your situation in life, but if your ways are dispersed, it can even interfere with your success in life. You are waiting for disputes in connection with obtaining an inheritance or for a long journey and living abroad.

Dark Side of the Sign

You like to surround yourself with flatterers, and this determines your choice of friends and loved ones. Anyone who dares to criticize or disagree with you is excluded from the circle of your acquaintances. Your self-righteousness goes beyond boundaries, but it’s hard to imagine how you could have thought that there was something special about you? You are just a selfish, inflated, arrogant type. In you may be and there is a charm, but people quickly understand who you really are.

Love and Family

It’s not easy for you to maintain emotional relationships with people, and you should be careful when you are in constant communication with someone. You need someone you can respect and admire. You are a faithful and faithful spouse and openly express your feelings. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from getting carried away in love by playing cat and mouse.

This combination of signs involves two marriages, and in both there will be children. You will have many children, and the first child will need special care before birth. You can have twins, especially if you are a woman, and your spouse is Aquarius. Unfortunately, when children grow up, disagreements may arise between them.

Career and Money

Art, theater, sports, children and animals — that’s where there is every opportunity for your growth. You have versatile abilities and prefer to work in the field of art or to make a career as a civil servant. You love theater and poetry. Well-being will come to you as a result of your efforts, and also thanks to the help of relatives in good standing. Problems can arise due to unimportant health or family troubles. Revenue can bring you trade in commodities, such as food or clothing. Your profession will bring you much joy and will be associated with frequent short trips.

Health and Immunity

You rarely succumb to depression, but you can really crumble when it finally reaches you. If you are discouraged, it can have the most harmful consequences for your health. Although in general a person born under this combination of signs is notable for good health. Diseases can affect the back, heart, bone and circulatory system. You can suffer from rheumatism. But when the disease comes, you usually do not give in to despondency, which makes it easier for doctors and your body, which in this case will easily cope with all the failures.

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