Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Libra

People with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Ascendant in Libra are very fond of those around them, at first sight, they are immediately thrown to them. They possess a skillful tact, and do not show their ambition. During admission to work it seems that they are only interested in the matter, and not in the post.

Internal, they seek exactly the position, even if it was important, because they know well that you need to have the power to get it. Having taken the same high position, they treat the subordinates with all the kindness, guide them well and protect them if they make any mistake; They know how to forgive, and they care for those who trust them and who they are loyal to.

Sagittarius with the Ascendant in Libra are also attentive and responsible teachers who are able to approach the weak pupils, and organize a special course for advanced students. They are just, and not only for the sake of the balance of the world around them, but also because without justice they can not. It is impossible to develop if you constantly behave unfairly, children already know that!

They have an innate life wisdom that allows them to move forward successfully. Naturally, they cause respect, and approval for them is very important. They are ready, if necessary, to work free of charge, but this must be recognized. They are of great magnitude; Their inner fire breaks out.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

This is a delightful combination of signs. The person born under this combination has an irresistible charm. You are always on the move, ambitious and ambitious. You have a wide range of friends, and your daily schedule is full of invitations. It’s unlikely that you are interested in sports, since Libra makes you somewhat lazy. You have a nice and gentle character; You are sensitive, have a good adaptability and easily come under the influence of the environment. You are frank and honest, sometimes optimistic, and sometimes prone to melancholy. When you are engaged in a business of interest to you, you are absorbed in it completely, although usually your hobbies do not last long.

You have many brothers and sisters, or you will marry a person from a large family. There are disagreements between relatives, and even a trial is possible. A father can be a source of grief or loss for you. There were some obstacles and restrictions connected with it. One of your parents got married twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

When a stranger on the street asks you for directions, you immediately inquire about the likelihood of a romantic date with him. You have many needs, so you do not miss a chance to get acquainted. Security for you is a very important issue, standing in second place after security. If you find a coupon for lunch in the dining room, you will never let it out of your hands. You are a superficial person, and life with you is the same as cohabitation with a newfangled electronic toy. Having started to communicate with you, people immediately begin to get bored and think about how to escape them from you. You mumble, distract from the topic and can not get to the top. People find it difficult to communicate with you, because you love to talk, but rarely listen. If at the time of your tirade the house burns, even smoke and flame can not distract you from saying the pearls of wisdom. You can not be called a worthless person, but you are a real bore!

Love and Family

The big problem for you is that you fall in love with love itself. So strong is the need in you to find a partner, that you recklessly rush into the whirlpool of love, as if you do not recognize a person. A partner may find you too frivolous. You will not have a cloudless marriage, it may even happen that you will live separately from your spouse, but he will be a wealthy person and you will receive an unexpected inheritance, perhaps from a woman. Your children will be lucky in life and will be a source of satisfaction for you. Of course, they will be your best support in old age.

Career and Money

Advertising, communications, media and transportation — these are possible sources of income for you. You are creative and have the ability to design and work as a designer. You are very attracted to seafaring, and you can do well in everything related to liquids. People born under this combination of signs, become successful traders of alcoholic beverages, chemists, surgeons and sailors. You will work with people and make many business trips. Beware of instability, which constantly threatens you, and try to save something for a rainy day. A lot of income will bring your transactions with the property.

Health and Immunity

You are an optimist, but you can not endure loneliness at all. From this your character spoils, and you can even get sick. Vulnerable organs — liver, kidneys, veins and intestines. You are also prone to infections that affect your feet. In a calm and harmonious environment, you will feel great.

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