Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Pisces

A person with the Sun in Sagittarius and an ascendant in Pisces does not dream of a better world, he is actively working for him. True, they are often tied to old aspirations, but they know that nothing can be built on one past. They are very interested in matters of faith, for them some kind of missionary work in developing countries is good.

They feel that the world must be understood in its interrelations, they are against isolation. They want to fight hunger in the world; At the same time, however, they would not want to be drawn into a whirlpool of decisive struggle. They are for the most part not so noble, but even being selfish, they think more than others.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Pisces know that one can not live on the shoestring of a mighty river, when somewhere near the whole family is content with a handful of rice. They do this in practical life; They do not need the benefits that only cause envy; They renounce them, joining others. Such is their significant wisdom of life, which goes back to the first principle.

They are often all-knowing leaders or images; While they think only of themselves, but with a flair and a sense of the future. They attract students who develop their business in a timely manner; They are generally teachers and teachers who can be trusted by children. They have life principles, but apply them with measure. They long for distant wanderings and strive for education, hence their unusual way of life, which allows them not to lose sight of the whole.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

You are ambitious, but are inclined to complicate your life yourself, because you show a lack of resolves in professional matters. You desperately need recognition and success, although it is important that you understand what kind of responsibility it is. People are attracted by your gentleness and courtesy. In addition, you are gifted with a rich imagination that requires your expression. Otherwise, it can lead you to a tendency to exaggerate everything.

You take great care of the situation of less fortunate people and strive to help them whenever possible. You are active, tireless, constantly in suspense, and you should definitely choose a time for relaxation, in order to maintain health. You are impressionable and can easily bring themselves to exhaustion with strange ideas and fantasies that come to your mind. Because of this you are sometimes difficult to understand. By nature, you are benevolent and just; In spirit you are poetic and inclined to contemplation. You know how to please yourself and enjoy enjoying all the benefits that life gives, but not at the expense of others.

You can have many brothers and sisters, they are very attentive to you, and you get a lot of help from relatives. Parents could not give you much support, your father could prematurely leave you. Family property will be divided, and you can not use it to improve your well-being. Your mother probably married twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are as determined as an autumn leaf floating on the river. You hesitate and suffer when you need to take decisive action, and because of this failure is haunting you at every turn. The reason for this behavior lies in your fear of making the wrong move. You prefer to stay idle and only regret that you can not do anything. You look cowardly, hoping that others will make you move, which they often do. However, if the matter ends in failure, you immediately accuse others of interfering in your life. So you can lose a lot of friends and family.

Love and Family

You need to be careful when you enter into a love relationship. You seek someone’s love and allow yourself to get carried away only to discover that your chosen one does not possess the wonderful qualities that you saw in him at first. But it’s already too late. It is difficult for you to come to terms with the practical side of marriage, and you can be very critical in this respect. This combination of signs most often suggests that a person will marry twice, but will not find happiness. In the married life will interfere with relatives. Probably, you will receive an inheritance and property through marriage. You will have many children, they will have to travel a lot, and their lives will be full of changes.

Career and Money

In general, your work is related to art, politics, sports or medicine. You are able to achieve a good position in life. You have a living and creative mind, always in search of new ideas. You will achieve prosperity as a result of your enterprising and personal efforts, writing work can bring success. You can also excel through travel and thanks to the goodwill of relatives. You have good abilities in different areas, you can have two professions at the same time. You are very active and pursue many goals, and in two of the three cases you will succeed.

Health and Immunity

You are often in a state of nervous tension, which affects your health very unfavorably. If you learn to relax, will do physical exercises and will not be too strained, you will be able to maintain health. Vulnerabilities — feet, eyes, ankles. You are prone to colic, and there is a risk of injury due to careless handling of hot or sharp objects. If you are a woman, you are prone to gynecological diseases. Common sense will help you to keep yourself always in good physical shape.

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