Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Sagittarius

The person with the Sun in Sagittarius and the ascendant in Sagittarius strives to bring meaning to the surrounding. They stand for justice, they are respected and valued for the power of their persuasion. They, however, are more respected than beloved, for they always observe the distance, carefully delimit the possessions.

Although they behave with fellow citizens cheerfully, but it feels that they consider themselves one foot already in heaven. Sagittarius with the ascendant in Sagittarius consider themselves to be representatives of the gods, believe scoffers, and they are not too mistaken. But they can be relied on, they hate cheating, recklessness and pointless disputes; Unreasonable arguments cause their condemnation.

Among their surroundings they stand out like a rock, for the most part too stony; Next to them is not so good at living. Their social orientation is based on the requirement: first sacrifice yourself, then demand from others. With all the public feeling, they make high personal demands.

Excuses they do not believe, and the court does not allow chatter. They win high places with personal diligence: the worker becomes the ten’s manager, the employee-assistant to the chief, the chief-chairman. They do not easily ridicule themselves, unless the joke is very good. Premature praise, they take for granted. They carry thoughts and faith to others.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

You are sincere and generous. People are attracted to your spirit of optimism and the animation that comes into their lives with your appearance. Their admiration for your propensity for risk. Probably, you are the most popular person in the district, always ready to have a good time and have a party. You have a developed sense of justice, are able to ardently defend their beliefs and boldly stand up for the oppressed. One of the most pronounced features of Sagittarius is independence and love of freedom.

Those who are not very familiar with you can alienate your aggressive reaction in response to any attempt to prop up you against the wall. More rational and sustainable people will surely find you somewhat frivolous. But you do not care about their annoyance: all you want is to defend your spirit of freedom. You are a wonderful friend, but not the most successful lover. You prefer to have a friend who could share your interests and love of risk, but do not become too demanding. This is not always easy to achieve, and you can find solace in dealing with a person who already has obligations, that is, with someone who is already married. This can become a bad habit that is difficult to overcome.

You like to move and are fond of a variety of sports. Your youth was not particularly happy, because your parents could pursue temporary setbacks, they could sometimes quarrel. You have several brothers and sisters, and in general, relations in the family are friendly. There is some mystery related to one of the parents, probably with your father or the father of the spouse, and this can lead to limitations that you are very upsetting.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have as many emotions as their gadfly, and the maternal instinct is no more developed than that of a stray cat. You live in the present moment, that is, as if tomorrow will never come, and do not take lessons from the past. The only permanent thing in you is your impermanence. You sometimes offer your friends help, but if they catch you at the word, you’ve barely caught a trace. Your love affairs are a shade of disaster. You are shaking from one lover to another — it’s not surprising that you are dizzy. You are looking for the slightest signs that you are going to be trapped, and always keep your speed boots on alert. However, you are so presumptuous that it seems to you that any representative of the opposite sex just wants to sit on your neck. It does not occur to you that you will make the most useless spouse in the world. "Oh," you object, "but I’m so popular!" Of course, but you will never understand that others are just as capable of using you as you are. It’s time to get some light.

Love and Family

Since you come to the sexual life creatively and actively, in the lover you are interested not only in his body, but also in the mind. It is not easy for you to enter into emotional relations, assuming commitment and the need to make concessions. In addition, you need to remain free, and a jealous partner can quickly kill your love. So, although your life is full of love interests, for the most part you keep them under control. You can fully marry twice, and one of the marriages will greatly affect your well-being and position in life. You will not have many children, and between you there will be no great affection. It can also happen that you stop talking to your children or at least one of them. Your home life, as well as your marriage, will be on target with detractors, but you can always cope with this if you have a head on your shoulders.

Career and Money

You like to work independently, so you will have a great freelancer. You can also be attracted by sports, law and social work. You have a flexible mind, and you are able to master many fields of knowledge. You will succeed due to personal efforts, and also get an inheritance. In youth, you will have many problems, but in the end, luck will come to you. You can have two classes in life at the same time. Usually your career is long and fruitful.

Health and Immunity

You are a physically strong person, mainly due to your activity and love of sport. You can live to a very old age, but there are certain organs that need special attention: this is the throat, ears and bronchi. In old age, you will be exposed to rheumatism, sciatica, varicose veins and swelling of the legs. If you practice moderation in eating and do physical exercises that you love so much, you will not have health problems.

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