Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Taurus

A man with the Sun in Sagittarius and an Ascendant in Taurus loves everything in life that has at least some meaning. They miss nothing — there is no pleasure, no pleasure, and they can be everywhere, but at the decisive moment they retreat to do something, create something real, lasting and durable.

But in the end they come back from his seclusion with the work done, and the game starts anew. The world often underestimates them. Snobs hope to find their echo in them, but as a rule, they are calculated. They can be very diligent, they can wait a long time for success, if only it’s worth it.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Taurus are curious both in relation to others, and in relation to the distant. And there, in the distance, or if they are entrusted with a serious mission, they are captured emotionally, their willingness to help can reach obsession, they help the oppressed, stand up for the innocent convict.

When they do not have a worthy cause, they talk about it; This can give the impression of chatter, but it all depends on the level. They willingly receive guests who listen to their conversations, show slides, and the more people they are interested in, the more they are generous. But they are generous, in fact, always at the heart of it.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You have both the idealism of Sagittarius and the practicality of Taurus. Therefore, you are able to realize most of your plans. You are not as active as an ordinary Sagittarius, and prefer to walk or take a quiet walk in the garden. Nevertheless, you enjoy, breathing fresh air. You do not hesitate to allow yourself to enjoy a half-hour walk to your favorite restaurant, but a gym or running is just not your style.

You are sociable and have a wide circle of friends, which includes interesting people. You like to exchange ideas, although there are times when you are too stubbornly defending your beliefs. But those who are familiar with you for a long time, do not pay attention to this, considering it a feature of your behavior, and are happy to participate in a heated debate.

You rarely lose your temper, but when this happens, others should beware. The ascendant in this sign assumes that a person comes from a good family and his father has weight in the community. Sources of problems are relatives, especially brothers and sisters. Basically you live a peaceful life, although you may have difficulties in your reluctance to accept the impending changes.

Dark Side of the Sign

Combine the tactlessness of Sagittarius and the excessive self-confidence of Taurus, and you will get a solid headache. You are in love with the sound of your own voice. You probably would have turned out to be a great politician, since you never listen to others. Having met face to face with an eloquent intellectual, you put blinders on your eyes, lower your head and inflate. At the sight of such a picture, people begin to look for a society of a more accommodating and intelligent person. You are so absorbed in yourself that you probably will not even notice your loneliness. Your family often refuses to argue with you, realizing that it will be just a waste of time. Instead, they prefer to disappear from your life, making it literally impossible for you to establish a deep relationship with someone. But this does not frighten you either. In the end, after all, only you are important, are not you?

Love and Family

Your proprietary attitude to everything extends to your partner, as if he or she is a new set of pans or a car. You are charming, you quickly become attached to people and suffer deeply if you find that your loved one does not belong entirely to you - but he will certainly belong. Marriage will not be very successful and may end in divorce. There may be problems associated with a love affair on the side. As a child, your offspring will require special care. In particular, the elder will need protection even before his birth and in the first two years of life, especially if it’s a boy.

Career and Money

You can very well succeed in research, banking, finance and insurance, working in a large company. In addition, you are fond of science, gardening and gardening. You are a zealous worker and pay close attention to the details. You will certainly have success in life, although you can survive the difficulties associated with litigation, unemployment or love intrigues. You suddenly smile luck, help someone’s love or friends. In youth, the situation in life will be unstable, although later your business will improve due to successful acquaintances and your dedication to work.

Health and Immunity

You enjoy all the benefits of life and are interested in issues related to diet and health. You very rarely get sick. However, the fragile organs are the spleen, liver and kidneys. You can suffer from diabetes, throat diseases, tonsillitis, especially when you are upset or in a stressed state. Learn to relax and you will avoid trouble.

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