Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Virgo

A person with the Sun in Sagittarius and an Ascendant in Virgo feels well-prepared for living with others. They know that they can not attack anyone, they will never teach, they seek a compromise in order to save something. "All or nothing" is inappropriate here, too much is at stake.

Sagittarius with an ascendant in Virgo require others to observe the rules of the game. They are making persistent work of persuasion to carry out their principles. In their eyes, sparks of inner spiritual passion often sparkle.

Their interests are attracted by literature, but also by practical help to others. They are almost idealists. Once formed, the picture of the world determines a further life, so this character radiates peace, which they often do not have; For peace is accepted stability.

However, sustainability is often even more necessary, because only it can create peace. Their spiritual activity is noteworthy, providing new opportunities for ascent. They set an example. Which everyone can strive to follow, since they do not move the accomplishment to an indefinite distance, but leave them completely human.

♐ Sagittarius Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

Criticism of the Virgo combined with the tactlessness of Sagittarius creates obstacles for maintaining close relations with such a person. However, you are genuinely involved in people, and therefore they forgive you the tendency to emphasize their weaknesses. You are very fond of home life and are proud of your household. It is to be hoped that your parents encouraged you to spread your wings and live an independent life. Otherwise, there is a danger that you will remain an incorrigible stay-at-home. You can become a person who is touched by the little things of life, but who believes that important life problems will be solved by themselves. Sometimes it happens, and if not, the result can be drama, chaos and panic.

You have a cold clear mind and a developed sense of justice. You become a good friend, but also a ruthless enemy. You are hard to anger, but if you succeed, you do not forgive soon. If treated politely, you can be convinced to apologize for any misconduct. Relatives and neighbors do not favor you. In general, a fairly cool relationship is maintained between you and your family. Surely there are some secrets in your family, and your father could marry twice. Friends will be fickle, or changes in your life will lead to a break with them. However, you easily tie new acquaintances.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are extremely talented when it comes to discussing the reasons why this or that thing can not work out, that’s why people tend to think you are little shy. Sometimes you want to take advice, but you are afraid to do it. You experience discomfort and awkwardness when you are given some opportunity, and this state lasts until you find a reason, refuse it, and then complain that you are always unlucky. You are your own worst enemy, although you will hardly agree with this. At the slightest trouble, you seek shelter in the family, hoping that your family will protect you from this terrible world. You do not even think of standing on your own feet. You, like a leech, are glued to your loved ones, and one day they will run out of patience, and you will have to face-to-face with your failure, whether you like it or not.

Love and Family

It is not always easy for you to express your feelings as brightly or passionately as you would like. The reason for this is the mistrust that you feel for people. Disappointment is possible, and you are likely to marry twice or you will have a love affair secretly from your spouse. In a marriage there will be problems, your spouse may have some kind of secret that will make him (or her) lead a reclusive way of life. The first child will require special protection even before his birth. You will have few children and it will be difficult for you to cope with them. Your children will not marry early or easily. Probably, you will experience constant hostility on the part of some person, connected with a love story in which a child can play a role.

Career and Money

You love gardening, truck farming and agriculture and are especially prone to mastering the practical skills of working in these and other fields of knowledge. You will achieve some prosperity in life, but only with hard work. And even then you may be in trouble, especially during the first half of life. You may be a good banker or a businessman, but you should not play on the stock exchange. An additional source of income can be transactions related to property. Be wary of spraying your interests, this can cause unnecessary complications. Overcoming a string of difficulties, you will achieve success and position in society. You will change your field of activity more than once and make many business trips.

Health and Immunity

You are prone to constant anxiety, but try to suppress it, and it hurts your nervous system. You are also characterized by hypochondria. Stress can lead to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, allergies and stomach ulcers. Let’s get out of your emotions, so you will get the relaxation you need.

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