Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign may create a rather quiet exterior, but inwardly there is a great deal of mental pressure and a constant flow of undercurrents. You often seem to be absorbed in another sphere of existence and above being actively involved in mundane activities surrounding you. This combination blends the emotional force, determination and will power of Scorpio, with the originality, ingenuity and friendliness of Aquarius.

You have a strong will and deeply fixed attitudes and ideas. Keen judgment of human nature and the ability to sense the motives of others gives you a very good knack for handling people. But you can be a tough boss, for once you lose respect for someone’s ability to think and reason, you have little use for them in any way. Never showing this outwardly, you can always be polite and civil, while feeling nothing but scorn and disgust. You don’t believe in discriminating against anyone, so you hide the intolerance you can not help but feel. You have a need for adulation, but unless you feel that you deserve it, you resent people that flatter and compliment you.

You have the ability to influence people and as you progress up the ladder, you are apt to become surrounded by "yes men", for whom you can hold no respect. Shallowness or superficiality completely throw you off. You have a profound mind that is broad and tolerant (at least in theory), and quite creative. Pride is strongly marked in your nature, and you set great store by intellectual and artistic accomplishment. There is a depth to your nature and your emotions that few can understand. You’re outstanding at observation, at analysis, at imagining and creating.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You know how to adjust to almost any situation and you are smooth and urbane. Your Aquarius Moon gives you an unusual and unexplored perspective and a strong fascination for science and society. You have an obliging presence and a very strong will like the typical Scorpio. Your imagination and insights are strange and a bit wayout for most individuals because you are generally about ten or twelve years in advance of your time. You have a non-rational comprehension and cognizance of people, which assists you in your materialistic philosophy. You know how to coax, bond, and pull strings because you are basically astute, charming, and congenial.

People are drawn to your casual, somewhat far-out, and impertinent manner. You love your discoveries and are so proud that you want to announce them to the world. You have a strong need for the companionship of others and are much more extroverted and friendly than most Scorpios. You think an active and wide-ranging social life is necessary to your health and because it is an outlet for your sometimes crazy opinions. Nevertheless you have a strong autonomous part, and no matter how many friends and people pass through your life, the air of the loner is around you.

You are so set in your ways that you have little forbearance for those who do not agree with you. It probably took years of willfulness to make you this way. Instead of people who might offer you challenges or variety you may surround yourself with boosters and passive disciples. Learn to accept and abide other points of view and keep your mind open to intellectual stimulation. You are essentially very down-to-earth despite that other worldliness. Your social adroitness works to your advantage, particularly in business. Very few people are more clever or quicker on their feet than a Scorpio-Aquarius.

You have a hard time making strong emotional attachments with people and are somewhat detached. This detachment is often your Waterloo. You are dedicated to having your own way and are proud and stubborn. If anyone questions your ideas or opinions, you will take it personally. You must learn how to be more cooperative and more modest. You can be everything from a mystic to innovative scientist, or humanitarian, but first you must know that you can only produce at your best when you work in harmony with those near you. Intolerance and self-righteousness are especially a characteristic of Scorpio-Aquarius.

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