Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Cancer

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces feelings that are deep and emotionally supercharged. The combination blends the emotional aggressiveness or intensity of feeling and determination of Scorpio, with the emotional sensitivity, tenacity of feeling and possessiveness of Cancer. You are proud and aloof, tending to rely on yourself more than you rely on others, but it is hard for you to say no and stick with no when you are approached with an emotional appeal. Not necessarily an outgoing personality, you don’t go out of your way for others, expecting friends to come to you instead.

By nature you are somewhat demanding, even harsh, but with an intuitive understanding of the world and of people. You can be reached by those emotional appeals far more easily than by logic or good sense. You are a magnetic individual, with a tremendous amount of self-confidence. Your emotions are very powerful, your intuitions keen, and you have a great respect for your hunches. You are suspicious, shrewd, defensive, and in affairs of heart, very sensitive and jealous.

The danger of this combination is that you are too receptive, too impressionable, or too easily influenced through your feeling and sensations. There is never anything wishy-washy about your attitudes and opinions and you cling tenaciously to your ideals, loves, hates, and dreams. You are strongly opinionated and capable of defending your position by argument, although logic may not be one of your weapons in this war. Your arguments twist and turn, frustrating an opponent who would attack your position with pure reason.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You always know exactly what you are doing and incisively who you are. You innately prize your own worth and self-assurance has never been an issue in your life. There is an air of mystery around you, and it can be hard for friends to understand you. They are perfectly happy to follow you anywhere, however. They want to grab some of whatever it is you have almost as though they feel your inner strength. You are maybe the most charismatic and compelling of all the Sun-Moon combinations and are surefooted, dependable, and flexible. You are esteemed wherever you go.

You always seem to be successful, because luck closely follows the Scorpio-Cancer, whether at play or at work. Moreover, appeal, strength, and smarts work to your advantage. You are temperate, calm and you do not lose your balance. You can play just about any role conceivable and you are a wonderful actor. This makes you comfortable in almost any conditions. You are seldom interested in taking over despite all those inborn leadership abilities. You are somewhat of a loner because of your self-reliance and independence. You require only yourself for comfort and will do your best to maintain a discerning distance from other people no matter how many want your friendship.

You have two water signs, so you might feel strong selfless urges, and your mixture is often seen in charts of clergymen, doctors and scientists. Your curative powers are likely very apparent, and you should use them in some fashion. You possess a restoring quality, which helps you to bounce back from setbacks with relative ease and you do not have too many psychological problems. Your only trouble is your inclination to muffle beliefs instead of addressing them candidly and openly. Revealing yourself for examination is just not easy for you.

Sadness, heartsickness, and ill humor can result from inhibited feelings in the Scorpio-Cancer. Discuss things more openly and try to put your guard down from time to time. You like to dig beneath appearances to learn the real meaning and significance of things and are never happy with superficial impressions. You succeed at just about everything you decide to try because of your depth, imagination, and clever realism. Once interested in some undertaking, your absorption and commitment are unmatchable.

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