Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows honor, integrity and authority as very important to you. You are not concerned with your popularity as long as you are true to your high principles and honesty with yourself. This combination blends the emotional force, determination, and will power of Scorpio, with the ambition, shrewdness, realism, and practicability of Capricorn. You have a prudent attitude of mind that features patience, perseverance, endurance and determination.

Business strategy and the details of management organization come naturally to you. A natural sense of caution and reticence marks your professional personality, and you use tact and calculating shrewdness in handling other people and in achieving your long-range goals. Ambition is very strong in your nature, as is the urge for recognition and high office. Steadfast in your opinions, you are slow to change, and you uphold tested and established procedures. Control, management and organization are your strengths. Your reputation for sound, trustworthy handling of affairs is rarely equaled.

You have considerable powers of self-control or deep inward firmness of nature. Yet, circumstances can alter your control and ability to mask your feelings, perhaps stimulating impulsive and aggressive action when you feel the need to force issues. You have a keen understanding of psychology, particularly in matters of group action, control, management and decision. You feel things deeply but manage to exercise personal control, and your feelings and emotions help serve personal interests and ambitions.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You instinctively look out for yourself no matter how kind you appear to be towards other people. For the headstrong and determined Scorpio-Capricorn ambition can be everything. You are never satisfied unless you are your own boss and you possess strong leadership drives. Charismatic, obstinate, and autonomous, your astuteness and purpose help you follow through on your ambitions. Calculating, shrewd, vivid and somewhat manipulative, you take yourself and your activities very seriously. You have a bit of the devil in your nature.

You essentially have only one goal in life and that is to win esteem, deference, and prestige, no matter how captivating and warmhearted you seem on the surface. You have your own attraction; if you would only recognize it, so do not always enter a room and feel immediately endangered by the presence of some other striking person. How you use your gifts is strictly up to you, but you have a lot of power and leadership potential. Indira Gandhi is an example of a powerful Scorpio-Capricorn. You need to be careful about becoming too serious a judge of others.

You have very high criteria and may acquire a somewhat holier-than-thou and intolerant position towards those who do not live up to your views. Others should be given as much esteem as you expect to be shown. You have a very strong sex drive as do nearly all Scorpios. You know how to use others to get your way because you are severe, worldly, and very subtle. You dislike any show of helplessness in others and are not one for self-pity; perhaps because you worry about your own weaknesses so much. You probably have a great deal of anxiety and confusion deep inside even though you seem confident on the surface.

You urgently want to succeed and this may be one reason. Maybe success is just your manner of assuring yourself that you are all those things individuals say you are. You do not believe a word of the kudos bestowed on you deep down. Your goal in life is an endless search for status whatever the reason. You will lead a really cold existence if you do not expand your spiritual, cerebral, and emotional views. Self-acceptance is something you need to learn. Rather than begrudging those who seem to have more, love and treasure yourself for whom you are. No matter how hard or gifted someone may be, everyone has limitations.

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