Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Gemini

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a highly versatile and clever personality. You have a flair for people that makes you very popular. You have a keen, if sometimes sarcastic, sense of humor. Sometimes you can sound a bit cynical in expression or be too clever. Your mental capabilities are very significant, as you have the ability to reason on your sensations. You are an exceptionally quick and retentive learner. The depth of Scorpio’s intensity and tendency to dig to the bottom of every issue, is challenged by the Gemini desire to always be into something new and different, and this factor seems to generate a great deal of nervous energy or hyperactivity. Thus, you seem to always be engaged in a flurry of activity, constantly moving from one project to the next.

You obtain more satisfaction from addressing a wide variety of problems at the same time rather than concentrating your efforts on getting a single project finished right. You thrive on change and you are rarely content or satisfied with current ideas or opinions. In contrast with the inherently fixed, stable and determined character normally found in Scorpio, you are much more flexible and changeable in your mental outlook.

There are periods when you are wavering and indecisive, because of your ability to see both sides of a question. You are clever and quick with words and you may achieve success in fields that take advantage of your critical or analytical and investigative skills. Success is not, however, all important to you, as you want to more or less just slide through life with an attitude of indifference and nonchalance. Nonetheless, brains and personality will usually go far even when the attitude in completely determined.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You are not nearly as deep as some others might believe even though you appear businesslike, but inscrutable. Cagey would be a safer word. You present a worldly image because you are so cunning, discerning, and adroit. Humor is one of your best assets. Your strong feel for satire and your discriminating remarks almost always find an objective. Others may charge you with being untactful, but they usually return to be your audience again. You have an uneasy spirit from your Gemini Moon. You are a lot more communicative than other Scorpios and you can talk to almost anyone. This can make you a great salesperson. There is charm and exuberance to your and personal magnetism.

Others find it difficult to reject your subtle and sophisticated manner. Your self-governing and defiant nature will probably carry you off in search of novelty and adventure. You may use your myriad charms just in pursuit of pleasure. You are a well-known sensualist. Your main problem, strangely enough, is your own cleverness because you may be enticed to live off your quick responses, instead of developing something deeper. A sort of self-satisfied sloth may come about so push yourself to the best of your abilities, and do not be so casual about your possibilities.

You would be a great reporter or successful in other fact-finding work. Teaching, business or any other area that involves oral adroitness are places you can excel. You are inconsistent in love as in many things. Variety is what you need from life. You are, however, just as serious and intent as other Scorpios. Actually you are very detached even if you seem quite emotional. Your flare-ups of passion and poignancy are mostly just for appearance. Frequently, you are not totally sure yourself whether your feelings are real or somehow calculated.

Acting is one of your best-loved games, but be sure you do not forget yourself in taking on all those roles. A number of emotional issues can result from going against your real nature. You are somewhat cerebral and you have a love of knowledge, but you never dig too far into things. There is nothing of the scholar in you because you seem to know something about nearly everything. Focus on one goal or target and learn to narrow down the range of your interests and activities. Chasing pleasure can become very strong for many Scorpio-Gemini.

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