Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Leo

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo creates a strong, positive personality, with fixed opinions and fixed emotions. If you don’t let your intense emotions completely take over, you will become a person of considerable influence and importance within your circle. The blend combines the emotional force, power of will and determination of Scorpio, with the pride, dignity and authoritativeness of Leo. Certainly the two will naturally produce a very strong character and a personality that is full of personal confidence, persistence, determination and courage.

Your weakness may be that your feelings and passions are a little too strong, requiring rigid control at all times. You have a complex set of ideals that you strive for, and you’re a very passionate person in many ways. You have a rather idealistic view of love and romance, and in fact, most of your other interpersonal relationships. You are a bit harsh on your partner, or just about anyone else, when they show weakness or human frailties.

Integrity and character are all important; you expect a great deal in this regard from everyone to whom you are close, and especially from yourself. You have a great deal of pride and consequently a strong ambition for high and authoritative position in life. You have a keen ability to analyze which can help you in may different businesses or professions. Your enthusiasm, spirit and flare for showmanship permit you to succeed at just about whatever it is you choose to do.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You are not part of the crowd. Instead you are rugged individualist and have great self-assurance and energy. Consequently you do not rely on others for encouragement. Your presence alone draws others and they believe you are a leader. Your imagination is always at work and your approach is wide ranging, but there are occasions when your emotions can just sweep you away and cause you to lose perspective and accept all kinds of illusions. This combination can result in a person of superior depth, exalted vision, and great leadership or it can become a constant pleasure-seeker and indulgent sensualist.

Your heart is a romantic one and others can lift you up to great heights of spiritual and cerebral wisdom or you can be taken away by the absolute power of your emotions. You pay little attention to advice from others because you are so lost in the quest of your own special road to success. You are not one to compromise or be patient. You do not have time for those who are in your way because you are determined to follow your dreams. You can fall into states of sluggishness and extreme self-indulgence if you run into disappointment in life or your goals do not appear to be happening. It is critical for you to learn to remain affirmative and think positively.

Your reputation is one of “love them and Ieave them”. Your Leo Moon gives you a strong desire for variety. You are frequently the first to be disloyal even though allegiance and substance are your ideals. You boast and brag about your latest doings at times, and you have a lot of pride in your activities. You believe that the entire world should be aware of them. Sometimes your bragging can get boring to those around you. Learning to listen as well as talk is very important for you and acceptance of others is a virtue you must work at.

Scorpio-Leo can be extreme at times. Your actions and demeanor are usually designed to attract attention and you have a strong sense of the dramatic. You seldom do things part way. Try to tone things down occasionally, and give others an opportunity to share the limelight. You have all of the qualifications needed to realize your goals on a big scale with your leadership ability, brains, and astuteness. Stop focusing all your thoughts on yourself. Many Scorpio-Leos may settle for simply wanting earthly pleasures because they are frustrated and bored with the world.

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