Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Libra

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a socially warm, enthusiastic personality, with a good deal of charisma and poise. The great intensity of Scorpio, producing an abundance of energy and vitality, is socialized by the amiable and breezy Libra. The blend marries the emotional forces, determination and will of Scorpio to the perceptiveness, mental equilibrium and friendliness of Libra. You are a likable and charming person who is certainly able to capture the hearts and minds of men, by being eager to please and ready to help.

There is a degree of vanity in your nature giving you a strong sense of exactly how things should look. You insist on balance and harmony in your environment, and this definitely extends to your personal dress and appearance. Your surroundings must be up to the standard that you consider acceptable, and your friends must, likewise, live up to your rather lofty standards, preferably living on the "right side of the tracks," as well. A suspicious nature, absent in your youth, develops a you mature. As this occurs, you become less direct, and more discriminating.

Your judgment in maturity contains an extraordinarily high degree of good taste and idealism. Your self-confidence amounts almost to pride, but rarely becomes offensive. You know how to put everyone at ease and make an incomparable host/hostess. Your circle of friends is wide and diverse. In romantic relationships you are keenly "tuned-in" to the other, and you are tolerant of their wishes and always sensitive to their needs.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

Deep inside you likely feel a lot of doubt no matter how convincing and self-assured you may seem to people. It is next to impossible for you to set goals and define your purpose in life. You have too much trust in those around you and this can be a weakness if you always want to hear everyone’s views. The people close to you like all natives of Moon in Libra, regardless of whether they are friends or family, powerfully influence you. The way others see you is how you tend to evaluate yourself, instead of by the way you really are.

Acting according to your own true wants is important for you to learn. Do not worry too much about what other people might think of your behavior. Others are drawn to your leisurely and elegant personality and attracted to your charming nature. Your combination balances a peaceable and graceful Libra with a hard driving and forceful Scorpio. You know naturally when to use tact and diplomacy and when it is smart to be assertive. Your power to manage others works to your reward in life, even though you are not as assertive as your other Scorpios. Maintain your freedom and concentrate on doing what you believe is best for you.

You are a dreamer and a romantic. You like to delve deeply into things and you are never happy with surface impressions. You have a strong belief in people and the knowledge that they have. You are too frequently only concerned with instant gratification even though you have the intelligence, charm, and magnetism to achieve a great deal in life. Guard against taking less than you are able of accomplishing or becoming complacent. Your abilities are well suited to politics, law, and social work.

The creativity of the Scorpio enhances Libra Moon and gives you good taste and strong creative interests. You can be disconcerted if a color scheme does not match because you are very sensitive to visual stimulation. For some Scorpio-Librans, zealotry is the result of the quest for truth. Your imagination is very strong and you need to guard against being fooled by charlatans who offer the secrets to the universe. You will hurry whenever you sense injustice or unethical conduct is compromised, because you believe in fair play. You need to be careful about your tendency to preach and moralize because of your code of ethics. Delight and leisure loving are found in the signs of your combination. Basically you are a libertine no matter how high-minded and idealistic you try to be. The barriers to your fulfillment are laziness and self-indulgence.

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