Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Pisces

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a person with terrific intuition and sense that ordinary people simply don’t have. You are overly dramatic and frequently exaggerate problems. You are, likewise, able to capture the drama of your surroundings as well as the imagination of the public. Yours is an emotional profundity that lends a great deal of inspiration to your personality. You attack any problem with unswerving enthusiasm and devotion, always giving more that just a part of yourself to your causes or ideals.

Here there is a blend of the emotional force, determination and will power of Scorpio with the sensitivity, impressionability and intuitive insight of Pisces. This produces a strongly emotional and somewhat psychic or receptive and impressionable nature. A studious and intellectual bend permits you to succeed, especially in literary or artistic endeavors. You are very creative, but your success may be more from a willingness to apply yourself than from pure talent.

On the down side, you are anxious and worry too much. Positive thinking is essential for you to attain personal balance and peace of mind. There are unexpected depths in your nature and you succeed by concentrating your energies on definite objectives, avoiding the tendency to dispense emotional energies and intellectual power in overemphasis on romance, daydreaming or negative apprehensions or worries.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

Many Scorpio-Pisceans have strong idealistic and altruistic urges. At one time or another, you might have felt the call of a religious life. You have a charismatic presence and a lot of willpower, but there are periods when you simply want to get out of the world. You may experience depression and mood swings. Tension in your immediate surrounding is generally the cause of this. Maybe because you fear your own power, forceful people appall you. Your signs are both water signs and this gives you an uncanny power to adapt promptly to almost any circumstance. You are able to take on the feel of your surroundings.

You comprehend things others are unable to. You are tuned-in, aware, and have an ability to sense things. You know innately the difference between right or wrong and no one ever has to tell you. You are very scrupulous. It does not matter how successful you are in life, kindness guides your actions. You are always heedful not to impinge on anyone else’s territory. You are very aware of the evil and maliciousness that exists in the world. You are an excellent actor and playing roles is common for the Scorpio-Piscean. However, it is crucial that you be yourself at times.

The roles you play do help with advancement but on the other hand, you could lose your being altogether in the march to try to be everything to everyone. You have a lot to ascertain about yourself like all deep individuals do, and many of the answers you look for can be found within. Just be certain you do not overdo the soul-searching. You may become too withdrawn for your own best concerns if you do not stay socially active. Your special ability to assimilate knowledge lets you quickly learn just about anything you want to. You would be excellent in creative and artistic pursuits.

Impractical phobias or superstitions should be guarded against because of your limitless imagination. Use it in your profession instead. Scorpio-Pisceans are very lucky people. You will not run into many issues or turmoil in life because this combination is quite balanced. However, there is a risk of permitting yourself to accept less, rather than taking on the challenges and opportunities that are frequently there for you. Make yourself be more assertive because you have a lot to give to the world. Self-contemplation is very significant for you.

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