Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is assertive and expressive. The emotional force, determination and will power of Scorpio becomes somewhat explosive when combined with the directness of manner and utter honesty of Sagittarius. You are idealistic, with a viewpoint that is aloof, and you live in a philosophic world of your own. You are social-minded and eager to help others, though you are apt to find it hard to ever get started.

You are affectionate, loyal and sincere, almost to a fault. You can do well in some idealistic sort of job such as medicine, religion, or public service. You may be too idealistic for business and too critical of anything that you feel smacks of shrewdness. You are not one to compromise your ethics for money or status gains. There is a great deal of enthusiasm or spirit in your nature, but success may be difficult until you have learned to control impulses that often result in outbursts of temperament, brusqueness of manner, or tactless assertions.

You react too quickly, without due consideration and forethought. As you mature, you must study the effects of your words on others, particularly on sensitive people, and avoid attracting antagonism and misunderstandings. After harnessing your powerful emotional energies, your high principles and sense of honor can take you far indeed.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

Many Scorpio-Sagittarians experience a consuming humanitarian and spiritual impulse, and probably know they have a purpose in life. People respect your aim and determination. Most are absorbed into your magnetic and spiritual presence. Kindness rules in your relationships and you are always open and affectionate. However, you do have an air of distance which some construe as haughtiness. This is a result of being such a free spirit and being determined to do your own thing for truth, nirvana, and wisdom. Kindness, profundity, unity, idealism and all of the better qualities of Scorpio are disclosed when blended with a Sagittarius Moon.

You are a beacon of light to others with your grand vision and elevated goals. Your will power, perseverance, and remarkable perceptiveness help you bring some of those ends into the world. Maybe you are right that you have all the answers, even though you are impertinent and unorthodox. You need a great deal of freedom and you are a rebel in everything. Any control or imposition on your autonomy is experienced as a menace. You need to do as you please and have room to express yourself because you have an adventurous and heroic spirit. You would never contravene on the rights of people because honesty and loyalty are your creeds.

Your one large defect is that at times you may be a little too candid because tact is very rare in Scorpio-Sagittarius people. Your frankness can be vicious. You are an idealist in romance and everything else. After you have conferred your tenderness, you are fun loving and unreserved. You are a loyal, trustworthy and true person. You are concerned with discovering spiritual truth. Self-contemplation is one way of detecting it, because many of the solutions lie inside. Your mental imagery is so potent that sometimes it can take you away and be a root of phobias or delusions.

You frequently look at things from a transcendental perspective, which sometimes warps your otherwise good judgment. You are practical though, like your fellow Scorpios. You are essentially a romantic at heart, believing in things that others find hard to penetrate, maybe because you are so far in front of everyone else. But you do sometimes seem astute and sophisticated. Your strength is the courage to explore uncharted new worlds of thinking and feeling. You show the way that others will follow tomorrow like all forerunners.

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