Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Taurus

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a nature that is solid and down-to-earth, with a great deal of strength, intensity and concentrative power. Your mind is occupied with the realities and facts of the here and now, with little interest or concern for ideals or the philosophical.

Your thoughts, emotions, plans and aims are all on the wide and sweeping scale. You think and act in the grand manner. You attract and control people with the strength of your personality, but you are tactful and considerate of others in a general sense, although your goals are usually clear. This combination blends the emotional force, power of will and determination of Scorpio with the stability and practicality of Taurus.

There is a great deal of determination and intensity of purpose, perhaps showing a relentless aspect to your personality. You cling to habits and routines with great tenacity, rarely being swayed from your point of view. Though it is difficult, you should attempt to develop a degree of flexibility and versatility, and the ability to relax. A constant struggle for accomplishment often causes problems with tension.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You are a person of few words. People see your self-assured bearing and it speaks volumes to them. However it is astonishing how superstitious you can be at times; reaching out for your favorite good luck charm when in doubt about something. Privacy is your hallmark. You are a complete pragmatist with good sense and a deep apprehension of the way the world works. You are a very sober person who is astute, pragmatic, and determined. You project a glow of power and self-command and are a natural leader.

You think and act on a large scale because your imagination is wide and inclusive. As with all individuals who have self-assurance and believe in themselves, you likely feel as though you have a special purpose in life. After you decide just what that unique goal is, you will go after it with steadfast purpose. You have the energy, vision and breadth of imagination to accomplish great things, but you always believe you are correct, and this self-satisfied attitude often distorts your judgment and causes you to misplace proper perspective. In order to not bring personal prejudice into every assessment, learn to be more objective in your approach to living.

You have acute and elusive abilities of thought. That can make you an awesome sales representative. You would be good in the field of finance because you are good with money. Government or the military can use your very imaginative leadership abilities. Your ambitions and visions can be fulfilled because of your talents. You are a realist, and even a little cynical, but you have depth and understanding for others. You do not let anyone know what you may be thinking. You are nearly always serene and controlled on the outside.

You may stew for a bit when you encounter defeat or frustration, but then you come back refreshed and determined. The inclination to protect your thoughts, however, and bottle up your feelings, instead of dealing with them honestly and openly, can lead to many mental problems. You must learn to share freely and without reserve. Your combination has signs that are fixed, and that gives you a lot of resolve and purpose, but also makes you somewhat stiff and one-sided in your convictions and feelings. You need to see that your obstinacy and rigidity do not hold back your progress.

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