Sun in Scorpio — Moon in Virgo

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign blends the emotional forces, powers of will and determination that are native to Scorpio, with the intellectuality, discrimination, and critical analysis of Virgo. This produces keen mental insights and a penetrating awareness of things around you; this includes many conditions that other people usually miss. The scientific method assuring objectivity and detachment is your way. You know how to concentrate mental energies on research or investigation.

You need to be careful not to become too absorbed in detail for you are are a person who can sometimes miss the big picture because you are too involved with a piece of the puzzle. You are also prone to be too critical of those with whom you come in contact, and you especially need to be tolerant with friends and loved ones. You may have few really close friends, but people do appreciate the fact that you are always willing to listen attentively and provide wise advice, though it may not be especially deep and sympathetic; you are not one to provide a shoulder to cry on.

Avoid setting too high of standards for others to live up to. Sometimes, there may be a need to apply your talent for critical analysis to yourself, in analyzing your own scope for advancement and success. By knowing yourself better, you can assure success in the many businesses and professions that require employment of the scientific methods, persistence, and attention to detail.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You have some very strong views and beliefs and you certainly know your own mind. You actually desire to express your beliefs and opinions even though you are reserved and apparently detached. Maybe you are even a bit too conscious of the world around you at times. You try for perfection in yourself and others as all Moons in Virgo individuals do. You run the risk of a being super critical person. You might be happy to be a faultfinder, and doing basically nothing to help if things are not what you think they should be.

You have the pragmatism and logical abilities of a Virgo with the astuteness, perceptiveness and insight of a Scorpio. Very little gets past your sharp perception and you are intense, quiet and soft-spoken. Your sensibility helps you to recognize things that others cannot be aware of. The conclusions you draw about life can be amazingly accurate. In addition, you are logical, inquisitive, and discerning so you are a natural detective. Faultfinding might be turned against yourself, subjecting you to relentless self-examination and disapproval. If you hope to use your noteworthy talents, you must learn self-acceptance.

As long as you do not lock yourself in an ivory tower, intellectual interests are perfect for the Scorpio-Virgo. Detective work, investigative reporting and scientific pursuits are good choices. You desire an active sex life like most Scorpios. While you were young, however, you may have picked up more than a few inhibitions. Virgo’s modesty and Puritanism can tone down the full aspect of your extremely sensual nature. You are able to balance the give-and-take portion of a relationship and in love you are a consistent, loyal and devoted partner if you find the right match. Begin to appreciate yourself and then you can appreciate others too.

Relax at times and enjoy life for what it is because the world will not always live up to your visions or your high principles. Just go with the flow more often. Preaching and moralizing are things you should watch out for because your Virgo Moon gives you a very moral and sometimes holier-than-thou attitude. You are quite charismatic and people somehow realize that you are fundamentally intelligent. This is true of your fellow Scorpios. You are also ambitious and determined. You probably have a strong sense of duty and obligation and you are fulfilled by work. Leaving enough free time for enjoyment is important.

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