Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Aquarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Scorpio and the ascendant in Aquarius has a wayward, special personal manner. In themselves they are often tense; They feel a strong need for action, but most of the regiment do not know what to take. They are too busy with their own individual person to accept motives from without.

If the spark ignites, but they march uncontrollably toward their goal. Then they claim to be amazing, but with solid knowledge. Unexpected ideas are not enough for them, although they are waiting for them. But then they justify them with all seriousness, systematically evaluate intuitively and do not allow jumping from one intuition to another.

If they have an ideal, they remain faithful to him, but they are constantly looking for new ways to achieve their goal. Others laugh — they ride a bicycle. Others buy a bicycle — they already have a moped, and so on, to a racing car. They are often reckless and can get into an accident, because they have up to some time blinkers before their eyes; They see only their own personal goal.

Scorpios with an ascendant in Aquarius do not deny the reality, but limit it to their personality, so they constantly lose sight of the whole. This makes them in the eyes of others less significant than they are. They are attracted to a career, not so much by the response of others, as by the conformity to their own values. They claim what, at least for them, is true, so they set new scales for personal evaluation.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You are a complex person, your appearance is deceptive. Although at first glance you seem alienated, under this coldness there is a real volcano, at any moment ready to explode — sexual or emotional you are resolute, you have strong beliefs on almost any issue. You do not like when your beliefs are questioned or undermined by a very purposeful person, and you just can not be forced to turn off the chosen path. You do not easily adapt to the new, but there are times when, choosing a different approach to the goal, you achieve success.

You are inventive, witty, humane and become a good friend. Although you are quick-tempered, but do not keep evil for long and in general you are a very pleasant person to communicate with. You can get an inheritance, or the family will help you, but as a result it will prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. You may have a disagreement with a relative, maybe with a brother who will be the cause of the setbacks in your business. Your father is probably engaged in agriculture, trade or breeding of cattle. You certainly have access to the most influential circles of society, but you can hurt yourself if you join a secret society.

Dark Side of the Sign

It must be very pleasant to consider myself always right. At least sometimes you are very satisfied with your confidence. But from time to time you can terribly make mistakes and fall to the ground with a crash from the heights of your confidence. You lack the flexibility, and you never learn from past mistakes. You are a workaholic, and your personal life becomes a victim of your exorbitant ambitions. But you are too focused on achieving success, so that it got to you easily. Carefully look at the real world and understand that you can not always achieve your goal.

Love and Family

Being interested in representatives of the opposite sex, you are looking for not only dignity, but also disadvantages in them, and by finding and suggesting ways to eradicate them. People can decide that you are a cold person, since you are used to listening, analyzing, and then trying to remake your loved ones in your own way. Anyone who fails to understand you will find you insensitive. You are able to love passionately and faithfully to old age. You will probably have a small family (and possibly twins). A lot of problems will be associated with the children, especially with the first child, who will need special care up to two years. Your family will travel a lot, and if you are a man, your wife will come from an artistic or an aristocratic family. Your life in marriage will be long and happy.

Career and Money

You have some literary and artistic abilities, from you would have turned out to be a good writer, musician or theater actor. Occult sciences, philosophy or secret methods of research in experimental sciences may attract you. Your achievements will be the result of your merit, but the financial situation can be very volatile. On the road to prosperity, you can face serious obstacles, secret enemies can plot. You will have several sources of income, and your profession will be a shade of secrecy. You can work in the field of chemical research, military or government service and even be a detective. You are destined to travel a lot on business related to finance, business in the sphere of land ownership, as well as for family or father, who lives abroad. Probably, you will grow old away from home.

Health and Immunity

In general, you are distinguished by strong health and moderation in habits, but you can suffer from nervous disorders. This combination of signs also affects the blood condition, often giving susceptibility to sluggish blood circulation — this is manifested in the fact that you often have cold hands and feet. These parts of the body are particularly susceptible to diseases, and their condition must be carefully monitored. You can suffer from spasms in the calves, as well as from stomach diseases, neuralgia and cerebral infections.

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