Sun in Scorpio — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Scorpio and the Ascendant in Aries refers to others passionately, and at the same time fires internally. Life sentiments are extremely intense, their individuality, characteristic coloration is always striking. But this pleases them! They have considerable attractive force, but they attract and repel them. They are loved or hated, but you can not pass them by.

Life struggle is difficult, and they make it even more difficult for yourself. Scorpions with an ascendant in Aries want to achieve results, intensive work is great, but they do not allow themselves to rest, even after work live intensively. Their vitality seems immovable, especially in adolescence, in maturity they often begin to feel that they lived above their strength.

Someone can call them then carrion, which drives itself, but they despise those who do not live their day with the same effort. If it comes to that, then in old age they will put themselves above their heads. They want to always be right, educate others, they perceive a court case as a struggle, and not as a question of justice.

They are not only inclined to a partner, they are eager for a partner, and are gaining in the struggle — there can be no talk of collusion. But they can overcome not only others but themselves, this is their greatness, so that in the end their deadly involvement justifies themselves.

♏ Scorpio Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

Both signs are governed by Mars, so you have something from a pioneer and a warmonger. The person born under this combination of signs is distinguished by impulsiveness, great aggressiveness, but at the same time, by kindness. Your huge energy, provided that it is directed to the constructive channel, means that you can achieve very much. For your loved ones, you are a stronghold of security, courageous and loving. But you with great care approach to the choice of friends and life partner and do not reveal themselves in their best qualities before the first person caught.

You are a desperate debater, and you need to be a brave person to dare to contradict you. You believe that conflicts give life an acuteness. You absorb knowledge like a sponge, are active and inventive, although not very well versed in people. You are also free in opinions, but as long as a certain point of view prevails in your mind, you are firmly on it. You can be extremely unrestrained in the manifestation of your feelings, but these are only stormy outbursts that quickly end and leave in your heart not the slightest trace of resentment or secret malice. Probably, you are the only child in the family. As a child, you can have a lot of problems because of your parents. Relatives do not favor you, and relations in the family can be somewhat strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

If you meet on your way resistance, at the same moment become a living monster. You do not spare anyone, and the thoughts and feelings of other people are no more important to you than the feelings of any insects. You are selfish, arrogant and pompous. You rule in your family with an iron hand and are ruthless when one of the households goes beyond the rules you set. Your loved ones live in constant fear, and if they do not have the courage to run away, they are sinking their grief in wine. If this habit takes root, you will not even understand what happened, and you refuse to believe that all this is because of you.

Love and Family

Love and friendship are of great importance to you. No one can be more open or benevolent, showing their disposition than you, although this often leads you to trouble. Many problems entail a rash engagement or reckless marriage. You probably marry early and hurriedly. It is not surprising that there are always grounds for repentance thereafter. You can expect a trial and a divorce, but this combination of signs does not promise many children, and maybe you will not have them at all, but you will have many reliable, loyal and kind friends who will give you great support in career.

Career and Money

You are likely to be attracted by work related to banking, research, insurance or such, where the mandatory condition is wearing a uniform. For you, all professions related to military affairs, jurisprudence, you are also attracted by work in the field of exploration and mining. You are ambitious, but you will have to face difficulties, for the overcoming of which you will need to collect all your courage and will. Your fortune is changeable, although you can succeed through property-related cases, or through marriage. In connection with money or property, a trial is likely in which an individual of the opposite sex will play an important role. First of all, you are the source of your problems.

Health and Immunity

You have good health, although you should control your irrepressible energy. You should try to shift some of your work onto the shoulders of other people, instead of exhausting yourself with exorbitant loads. Vulnerable — eyes that are prone to injury, hands and feet. You are prone to inflammatory diseases of the internal organs and allergies. As a result of stress, you can often suffer from headaches. You can do everything necessary to improve your physical condition, so it’s up to you.

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